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Sheng Long and my girls.

Time for a new level - Sheng Long.  Cool name, though I didn't know what it was referring to.  Looked it up and saw that this was a hoax created by EGM magazine 15 years ago.  Supposedly he was a secret character in Street Fighter 2 that you could only reach if you used Ryu and got through the entire game w/o taking any damage, and then in your final battle against M. Bison you were not to touch him or let him touch you, ending the fight in a draw.  This had to be repeated for 10 consecutive rounds with Bison!  Then Sheng Long would appear and push Bison off the screen and start a figh to the death.  Was anyone actually able to pull this off, and if they did imagine their disappointment when Sheng Long never showed up!

Anyway, here's a picture of me and my daughters.  That's Heather (7) and Darrah (11) my two little angels (when they're not fighting with other!)