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My wife says I'm wicked sick!

At least now there's something she has in common with Gamespot! Funny name for a level, makes me think of my New England heritage, where everything is "wicked awesome". Speaking of New England, last Friday Shannon and I went to Tampa to see the Devil Rays play my beloved Red Sox, and it was indeed wicked awesome. I'd say about 80-90 percent of the fans were from Red Sox Nation, and it was extremely cool to be with so many New Englanders down in Florida, almost felt like I was back at Fenway Park. Great game for the Sox as they won 8-1 and Beckett got his 20th win. Here's a picture of us.

Also, I topped the weekend off by finally getting an Xbox 360 and picked up three relatively cheap games: GRAW, Dead Rising and Oblivion. Needless to say I'm in videogame heaven while Shannon can't believe I just spent $350 on a video game console.