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Metal Slime has been defeated!

Wow, can't believe I'm finally a Rescue Ranger!  Let's see, level 20 only took me...2 and a half months to get through.  It was an appropriate name for the rank, if any of you have actually battled a metal slime, hacking away and only doing 1 HP of damage at a time.  I have fond memories of the original Dragon Warrior games (1 - 4) for the NES that I played back in the early 90's.  I was very disappointed that those of us in the USA never had a Dragon Warrior game for the SNES.  Speaking of which, I've just started on Dragon Quest VIII and I'm really enjoying it.  Graphics and voices are very well done, and it's kind of refreshing to have the old school battle and experience system where I'm not confused as to what I'm supposed to be doing to level up my character.  Not that I have anything against the other games that try to introduce new concepts to give more depth to the game, I just like being able to dive right in and start playing without having to constantly consult the manual or charts:D  Alright, time to go and squash some slimes!