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In Memory of my Father

I haven't been on GS very much over the past week as last Wednesday morning I received a phone call that my Father passed away. It wasn't a complete shock as he was 92 (he was 46 when I was born) and had been in failing health for awhile. I actually got a call Tuesday night that he had been taken into the hospital as he had kind of reached a point where he was just shutting everything down (wasn't eating or responding to much of everything). Still, when you get the final news it's never easy. Thankfully he passed away peacefully.

I've mentioned him in past blogs, he had quite a life. Apparently he was a wild and crazy guy that kept hounding my Mom but she kept him at bay as she was a pretty conservative Christian. Not sure what to do with his life he joined the Army in the late 30's and went into the Armored corps. He then volunteered to fight with the British in North Africa in WW2 and had the experience of fighting under General Montgomery. He then came back to the US for awhile and eventually went back to Europe, serving under General Patton in France and then into Germany. He had many great stories to tell and I still have vivid memories as a boy sitting on his knee as he talked about fighting the Nazi's as a tank commander in his Sherman tank. Anyways, serving in the Army seemed to give him more direction in his life and after the war he became a Christian, went to college and became a minister. Did he do all that just so my Mom would marry him? We'll never know:P

Anyways, he had a great career as a Minister that had several churches throughout New England and I'll always remember him as a man that had incredible energy. Of course, if you have a kid when you're 46 you better have some energy! He was also a school teacher on the side and was an avid reader. Both of my parents really stressed the importance of education and certainly influenced me to get my college degree. To any of you that have actually read through this entire blog, I appreciate it and I'm glad I have a place like Gamespot where I can share some of this with my friends. For anyone that's interested here is a link to my Dad's obituary - Rev. Oakley E. Woodward.Will I look like that when I'm 92? Will I make it to 92, that's the main question:P Anyways, thanks again for letting me share all this with you.