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God of War 2

OK, I guess the first question many people are posting blogs about GOW 2 today?  I picked up my reserved copy on the way home from work yesterday, and while I was there I was in full geek mode as I went ahead and picked up the Limited Edition Strategy Guide

and even the skin for the PS2Alright, seems silly but I will say the the Limited Edition Strategy Guide is incredible, as it includes a good sized art book with beautiful images and the guide itself is very impressive as it also includes many detailed backgrounds on the characters and monsters of Greek mythology.  This is something I'd enjoy even if I never played the game.  The skin is also very impressive, looks great and I'm sure nobody is going to mess with my PS2 now that Kratos is guarding it:P  As for the game itself I got in a couple of hours last night, and the beginning is the same as the demo featuring the Colossus at Rhodes, but that's OK because that's a great battle!  I won't go into further detail right now, I'll save it for my review after I've finished.  Let me just say that the game looks and plays fantastic!  Anyone who knows me knows that I generally do not buy games when they first come out, I usually wait until the price comes down or I can get a cheap used copy.  This is definitely worth buying now if you can afford it.  OK, all for now, review coming soon!