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Finally got it!

Last weekend I finally got the HDTV. Ended up going for the big one that all of us can enjoy for movies as well as gaming. It's a 50" plasma with 15,000 contrast. It's an Insignia, which is made by LG. I know, it's not on the level of Sony but I did a lot of research and just about every customer was very happy with this TV, which I got on sale for $1,100. And I must say I'm quite pleased as well. I did get the 4 year extended warranty just to be safe:) I tell ya, this digital camera cannot do justice as to just how good the image really is. I'm amazed at my games for the 360. Playing Mass Effect and Gears of War, wow! I'm clearly seeing enemies in the distance that just used to be blobs on my SDTV. Of course that's my version of Shepard from Mass Effect, about as close as I can get it to look like me:P Also picked up an "upconverter" DVD player which is a huge improvement over a regular DVD player for the HDTV. And Dylan just got his copy of DMC 4, so now he can play it in all its glory. Basically need to go back and replay all of my games for the 360 now. Hope everyone has a great weekend, you can imagine where I'll be spending my free time for the next couple of days!