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Celtic Thunder and Birthday

As some of you from my Unions may already know, Last Monday my wife and my oldest daughter and I went to Tampa to see Celtic Thunder. You can get a little more info on them here. They do a mix of traditional Irish songs along with more recent music. Now understand I'm really more of a hard rock - metal fan so usually this wouldn't be something I'd be interested in but when my wife convinced me to check out their DVD I was very impressed. They put on a great show, very entertaining and we had great seats as well, very close to the stage. Needless to say they have most of their songs on youtube as well, check out "Heartland" if you get a chance.

The other news is that yesterday was my birthday. It worked out well since I was going to take the day off of work anyways because I'd be coming home late Monday night from the concert. So I basically slept in and spent the day being a couch potato and playing videogames - a perfect day:P Been mostly playing Fallout 3, have put in around 25 hours so far. Definitely feel that any opinions you may have towards Oblivion will apply towards Fallout as well. Certainly some differences but the basic gameplay has many similarities, which is OK by me:)