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Anniversary, Father's Day, Junk like that

Got a few things to catch up on here. First of all, I recently received two great gifts from my wife. First was a Tom Brady Patriots jersey she gave me for Father's Day. Here's Shannon and I showing it off:

Next came our 20th Anniversary, which we celebrated last Wednesday. I gave her an Irish Claddagh ring with a sapphire:

And she gave me an awesome official Red Sox jacket, just like the players and managers wear. Here I am showing it off with my daughter Darrah:

So, last week turned out very nice indeed! On a side note I noticed Gamespot gave me a new emblem for Top 100 Community Reviewers:

"Those who rank amongst this hallowed 100 greatly benefit those searching for critical information about games. These individuals' thoughtful, analytical reviews tend to be much more detailed and sophisticated than most of the so-called professional game reviews you could find elsewhere. Sure enough, the top 100 tend to be prolific writers and avid game players."

Sounds nice. I have been doing a fair amount of reviews and if I got this emblem based on your recommendations then I thank you all!