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My brood! Picture corrected!

Here's a pic of my kids from last summer at Universal Studios in Florida.  Darth Maul is my son Dylan (almost 17) then there's Darrah (just turned 11) and Heather (will be seven in January).  Next time I'll try to post a normal picture, maybe one of my wife or even one of myself if it doesn't break the camera:lol:

OK, I used photobucket and hopefully this worked!

Oh no, not Metal Slime!

Well, it's finally here.  I've entered the dreaded level 20.  I know this is different for everyone, but I'm curious as to how long it took some of you veterans to get to level 21.  Weeks, months?  As for gaming, I'm playing three different types.  Started Suikoden IV, which I know had mixed reviews but I like what little I've seen so far.  Restarted Resident Evil: CVX.  I started this game over a year ago and then at some point I was basically stuck with not enough healing items, I think.  At any rate I decided to start the whole thing over and I seem to be cruising along much better this time.  Lastly I've been playing Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes on the Gamecube.  Not too long ago I finished MGS2: SOL and it became one of my all time favorite games, so I've become (belatedly) a big Metal Gear fan.  Anyone else played any of these games, and what did you think?

Recent Promotions

In the last couple of weeks I've been promoted to an officer in two unions:  "The WCG Survival Horror & RPG Guild" and in the "Konami+Capcom Union".   Thanks go out to scuffythewise and BigBoss712.  I try to contribute to my unions and I definitely make the most effort in a union that I'm an officer in.  BTW, I'd certainly recommend these unions to anyone out there in GS land.  "Konami+Capcom" is pretty self-explanatory, and considering how many awesome games have been made by these two companies, odds are there will be something you'll be interested in talking about!  The WCG stands for "Working Class Gamers" and we are gamers who either work a full time job or at least 4 afternoons a week if you are in school.  As the title implys, we mainly stick with our two favorite genres: RPGs and Horror Survival.  This union is only a month old but we have some very interesting people and some very interesting discussions.  Let me also mention the first union I became an officer in,  "The Lounge of Gamers".  Just like you'd imagine from the title, this is a laid-back union where we not only discuss games, but anything else that's on our mind.  Again, I invite any of you reading this to check these unions out.  Whew, I guess that's enough for now, I'll start thinking about my next blog, when I sing the praises of Metal Gear

Farewell Nobunaga, Hello Minus World?

OK, is this another famous Gamespot Glitch?  I just skipped level 16 and went right to 17.  Maybe this is why they get you back when you reach level 20.  Anyway, still playing Onimusha 4 - for anyone that's played it I just finished Level 6, and now have Roberto in my party.  This is a great game though I have to say that IMO these last few bosses have been tough!  I've had to have a lot of patience, darting in and attacking and backing off.  Some of these fights have taken me 30-45 minutes, but that's OK.  Just gotta keep reminding myself not to hack away like I do with the lesser monsters.  Probably should spend some more time leveling up as well.  I've been spreading out my video time between this and Xenosaga and Clock Tower 3.  Xenosaga has been fun, with a very good storyline and interesting characters.  Personally I don't mind the long movie scenes, as they have been very entertaining.  Being a Survival-Horror fan I've enjoyed Clock Tower 3, right now I'm in the sewers against that axe guy who looks a little like Kratos.  Just gets a bit frustrating in the boss fights because of limited mobility.  Still, have to admit this game keeps me on the edge of my seat!  To anyone who has played any of these games, or even if you haven't, I welcome your thoughts and opinions:)

Nobunaga's Ambition

Just made level 15, and have received a rather ironic rank.  I suppose Nobunaga's Ambition is to defeat me, seeing as I've taken him down a few times and continue to foil his evil plot to rule Japan with his demons.  Lucky for him he's not in Dawn of Dreams (at least I don't think he is) or I'd be slicing him up a fourth time.  So in the end I guess the rank makes sense:P

Dawn of Dreams

Well, I finished Onimusha 3, which was a tremendous game, and I've now started on Dawn of Dreams.  I've only played for a little over an hour but I am extremely impressed!  Once again Capcom manages to push the graphic quality to another level on the PS2.  They've also expanded the depth by gaining experience points that can be given to different attack/defend abilities, as well as the usual soul collection for weapons and armor.  Even this has been expanded so that now the secondary characters can have their items leveled up as well.  Lastly, the option to once again play with the original Japanese voices is something I've been waiting for since they took it away with number two and three.  The only negative is that this is the last Onimusha game available.  Hopefully Capcom has more in store for the future!


Well it probably doesn't take much to tell I'm an Onimusha fan.  I've played the first two and am probably about halfway through the third.  IMO these games don't get the attention they deserve.  I originally tried it out because they were described as Resident Evil in ancient Japan.  There are definite similarities to RE (graphics and control for the first two).  I love the authentic feel you get when playing these - the music as well as the graphics.  I just wished they all had the option to play with the original Japanese voices.  No question that I will be buying Dawn of Dreams when I finish the third.  I'm surprised there's not a union for these games, but maybe that's because there haven't been enough people trying these games out.

My first Promotion

This weekend saw my first promotion to an officer in a union.  I'm now an officer in "The Lounge of Gamers".  Thanks to Super_Nova13 for the promotion.  I'll be putting in as much time as I can to help the union grow.  As many people know, I've been videogaming since video games came out in arcades back in the 1970's and I never "outgrew" them.  What can I say, I still like to have fun!

My first Blog

Ok, I'll admit this is the my first blog - ever.  Don't know how often I'll do this, guess I'll try a few and see whether it's worth my time.  I'm seeing many different types, sometimes people just posting a quick update, sometimes making a statement and looking for other people's opinions.  My time on this website can be erractic, as I'm married and have 3 kids.  I think my next step is to encourage my 16 year old son to set up an account, as he is an avid video game fan.
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