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10 Things

OK, good ol Randy was kind enough to tag me to do one of these so let's get it over with:P I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

1. First car I ever owned was a 67 Buick GS-400 back around 1979. It didn't handle very well but it was incredibly fast. I'm fortunate I didn't get killed with the way I used to fly that thing!

2. I'm not into reality TV but the one show I watch is Ghosthunters, mainly because these guys come from Rhode Island, where I spent most of my life.

3. The one big trip I went on was about 16 years ago when Shannon and I toured castles throughout southern England and Wales. Also spent one afternoon in Paris frantically trying to see as much as we could before the boat went back to England!

4. Favorite all-time movie - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It's also ranked as #4 all-time on Hard to believe this movie is 42 years old! I'm not really into Westerns but this movie is incredible. Great action and actors that were born to play these parts.

5. While we're on the subject, my all-time favorite actor would be Christopher Lee. I admit he gave me nightmares as a kid with his portrayal of Dracula, but this guy is the epitome of cool. He continues to be a powerful actor plus he was a Special Operations Executive during WW2, which he can't talk about since it's cl***ified, but during filming of Lord of the Rings he did explain to director Peter Jackson the accurate way someone would die if they were knifed in the back:P

6. I've been a major WWE/WWF fan for 25 years and have gone to many shows. Still prefer the oldschool and the Hulkster and HBK are my favorites.

7. Played defensive end in highschool football. Got the nickname of "Head Hunter" since I would sack the QB by jumping on their back. Really not the most effective way to tackle but it looked cool:P

8. The weekend before I got married Shannon and I spent the day at the beach and got horrible sunburns. I couldn't even walk for a couple of days because my legs and feet were so swollen. I still remember limping to City Hall to get our license. Fortunately by the wedding day we had recovered but it was close!

9. My all-time favorite cereal was Pink Panther Flakes, which unfortunately hasn't been available since the 70's.

10. At the time of this blog I had just passed 12,000 posts on Gamespot. Nothing really significant about that but I've always had a fascination with numbers, guess that goes with being an accountant.