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Well, a Sunday night and I was bored despite the Super Bowl being on.

So I thought it might be cool to sign on my old Gamespot account and see what has been up with all of my old friends.

I looked through my old reviews and blog posts and laughed at how stupid I was 2 years ago. Well or immature would be the right

word. All the old unions and stupid posts I use to make. Heh, I guess I just find it kind of funny. Needless to say Ihave grown up

a little...or a lot.

If any of you have a PS3 I wouldn't mind catching up, so...yeah add me.


I Am Here For Good....

After my leave since January 9th I have returned. I see many many things have changed, I look forward to reconnecting with all of my friends. However for the moment I am not considering starting up a union again. However I am looking to get a job in a designing union. Now that I look at my banner I laugh at how bad I was. But I will just show you some of the designs I have made while I have been gone. No more GIMP, I know use photoshop CS2 :D

Actually here is my album, starting from way back when all the way to now, with some crappy sigs inbetween :p


I guess i could not stay away....

Well with a blizzard warning here in Iowa, I would suspect the snow to be coming down soon. Up to 14 inches of it. So I guess it is a good time to come back. Lol I guess i was only gone for about a month. This is exactly why you should not destroy yout account. When I left i was totally sick of GS, but now i think im ready to come back. I want to thank PMcB for encouraging me to come back. I would doubt any chance of me leading a union in the near future. There is way to much goin on with me. Mainly since I am the new forum manager on Socom Strategy. So I will probably just post on the forums and on your blogs. Maybe join a couple designing union since i have gotten MUCH MUCH better, here are the sigs i made at WSpilots. I cut out the render onn savi's sig so i wouldnt say its bad for the first one i have ever cut out. Give me a rating please!

I have actually started to teach other new users in using GIMP. Which i find very tiring and annoying at times. So Kudos to rohver and the other deigners. Anyway I am back.


Goodbye Gamespot, I am leaving!

Well, I am leaving GS for real, consider this my short goodbye. Well things sure arent what they use to be like here. Gamespot has gotten just plain boring. From what I hear alot of my friends think the same. So this is a goodbye for me. I am going to turn the union over to sohaibz even thought it is totally dead due to my absence. You can leave me a not and tell me to stay but it will not do much good. If anyone ever wants to talk I am on my IM alot "desertfox1370" but for now and probably for good you will not hear from me on GS. I may come back someday but for now consider this account retired. I wanna say goodbye to all my friends rohver, mike, koon, armored, and whoever you know who you are. So My final stats 2 years on Gamespot 735 profile views 9 emblems, leader of 3 unions, officer in many other, over 3000 posts. Thanks for all of the great time, I may check up everyone once in awhile but all i can say now is



P.S. I will reveal one secret to all of you who didnt know, I am only 13 1/2 years old.

Taking A Break....

Well guys sorry to say that I will not be active for a week or 2. Personal stuff is keeping me held back. I would hope that the TDL is active when I get back. I am not gonna get hopes up though (the inactivity is my fault). Anyway guys see you in a couple weeks!


Why Would Somebody Do This...

I know that swastikas and Nazis are a heavy topic however I think you should all read this. I was just in my woods I usually don't go for a hike in my woods but today I decided to go for a short one. It was normal. I climbed down my hill in my backyard. Went down by the railroad tracks and walked along for about 5 minutes. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a rock with some painting on it. I stopped turned and to my right was a huge swastika on this rock. I stood just starring at it for 2 minutes. I walked up to it took an old railroad tie and for a better part of the hour I worked at chipping away the paint. My hands started getting sore and paint was going into my eyes and mouth but i kept going. Once I had chipped away the paint i stood back. Right then a strong gust of wind blew away all of the loose rock chippings. Then I just walked away. It probably didnt do much the the place where it was is still clearly visible. I know alot about WW2. Something just came over me and I kept working at probably doesnt mean much, but it is something i wanted to share with all of you.