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Close encounters of my first Wii

Well I've had my Wii for about a month now and here's a blog, the first. The thing is awesome. I've hardly ever touched a gamecube and I can finally plug in Resident Evil 4, 0, and the remake. Boo ya grandma. A weak ago I finally got the game Geist from ebay and holy crap It's fun. It's sort of a puzzle shooter. You walk around and are forced to figure out what to possess, where to go once you possess something, and what to keep track of while trying to get somewhere. It's sorta hard to explain, but it's just an awesome game. "Geist"...I think it means ghost in German am I right? :wink:I don't get how it wasn't looked after that much but yeah, check out Geist. It's one of the only Cube games I've played but it's awesome.

The Wii games so far aren't at their true potential but they're still up there. I had Call of Duty 3 and Red Steel rented from and beat both. Red Steel and a pretty slow aiming thing, while the sword fight are pretty unresponsive. It's alright though. The environments look great, you go around fish markets, Japanese gardens, and these cool Tokyo streets with all this detail in the signs and ads and stuff. The graphics were the same, sweet. It's worth a play and it's sort of lenghthy for a shooter ( around 9 and a half hours plus unlockables). That kicked ass. As for COD 3 it was great. So far the Wii wand has felt more like a tv remote than a gun am I right?:o. Oh well..It's a little quicker to aim the gun with this aiming. It's a little better in COD where red steel's aiming is a little clunkier. They both work however. COD did well with the environments too, good lighting, graphics a little better than the Xbox 1, but it was sort of short. It was fun so it traded off. I hardly played Zelda to be honest. Yeah!

Man! The other features on the Wii, including the weather, news, mii, and games... Alright. The weather was dumb. You're given a straight up temperature and word of the skies (cloudy, rainy, etc) and just for some nearby big city instead of your own, better than nothing right? The news is just and handy thingy to have around. You get main articles from around the globe split up between entertainment, health, sports, and some other stuff. You get updated artices all the time so yeah! Sweetsause. I didn't do much with the Mii channel. I made a Mii that sort of looked like me and used it for Wii Sports.

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