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Why stack?

My stack is probably stupid, but i want see what games i play and finished, so this is best way i think. In old GameSpot i can see what i rated. It´s good for me and my view of my games. So if somebody bothers my stack.... Sorry :-)

I really try.

Some people write my... About my English is really terrible, and he said me if I dont write comments. Ok my English is terrible but i tried my best. Anyway, i enjoy write comments so.... Nobody gonna stop me:-) Now I go play some God of war.


I was full



I just start play Jade empire and Blair witch. I buy new 500 gb PS3 and play GTA4 and Silent hill downpour. And i buy some Xbox360 game. Got damn. I must go to work and no play games. And ponies rules.



lets get play!

I just bought some ps game includes Clash of the titans, Siren new translation, Homefront and more.... I know thats not more new game but i want them so.....Lets get play!


Hi everyone, I am new here. I like it here, and i love games, i own 2 pc, ps1 and 3, And 2 wii consoles. I play pretty lot. Anyway i am from Czech Republic, so i dont speak to much English. I enjoy here and i am proud to be here.Bye now.