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How is everyone doing? its been so long since i signed in you all are probably thinking "who the hell is this random i appear to be following?" 

Anyway.. it seems the UI for Gamespot seems rather sleak and runs well, thought i would make an effort again, so here it goes.. a blog from some random man.


As somebody who fell in love with Microsoft and Xbox and used to have XBL and all the good popular games, i am somewhat disgusted by the immature attitude of an unsaid employee within the ranks of M$, and for that reason i have gone out of my way to delete my XBL and everything associated with it on my Gamespot profile, so.. my game library has got smaller.. but thats ok because i will fill it up again with my Wii U games (hopefully more AAA titles are coming soon) AND not to mention the fact the PS4 will be out VERY soon.. but i dont need to bang on about that!

Also looking forward to the Ouya, hopefully this little gem should bring back the meaning of gaming to us oldies! instead of all this running and gunning thats going on in nearly every new game released! 


So.. yeah.. hope all is good Gamespotters! 

The Wii U

Hello my friends, it has been a while sinse i have been on GS.. for that i am sorry, just finding gaming a bit dull at the moment, been reading up on the Wii U and i feel like a kid at Christmas!!! i CANNOT wait to buy it! Monster Hunter looks epic on it and i cannot wait to play Mario Bros Wii U!!!

Welcome back to the top Nintendo! i have missed your epicness!!!!

Warning people this is serious!

Today while at home at around 10am i got a phone call from someone who could barely speak English telling me they received an on-line notification while i was on my laptop that my DELL laptop has a major fault, i asked what the hell they were going on about and this Asian lady then said that the company she works for is in partnership with Microsoft and are helping to fix peoples faults, i said in a confused state of mind "ok"... then she asked me to open up a command prompt on my laptop (alarm bells started ringing).. why would any form of an online company have my home telephone number??? they would`nt because i NEVER hand it out!

I then proceeded to just cut the call off because i am not stupid, the reason why they would ask for the command prompt is so they can gain access to your laptop or desktop and then take personal information from you i.e bank details, travel details, saved log-in information etc etc...

In a nut shell people just be careful who you speak to on the phone, these "scammers" are everywhere and they are clever! No doubt about it, it was VERY dodgy and they must already ripped loads of not so clued up peoples personal information!

Stay safe and use protection! lol! Happy gaming!

Well hello people!

LOOONG time no blog, been busy, living life and playing Zelda OoT 3DS! i cant wait for StarFox 3D to be released!!!

Also been sneaking in a game of Black Ops in here and there too.. what you all been playing? any recomendations for new games?


Whats peoples XBL gamertags? if your old enough to swear and stuff and like having a laugh while playing online.. add me

iPlanK II

Hello again!

What have you guys been playing? i am loving TDU2 at the moment! EPIC game!... been rinsing out Borderlands too.. which is a quality game!

Any recommendations for a good RPG?