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Cyberdunk update

Earlier I told you all about Cyberdunk . At the time I wrote my first blog I was a rookie and didn'tknow too much about the game. Now Ifeel that I have gotten a lot of tiem under my belt and I want to update you on what's been going on with my player.

Even though I haven't evenfinished an entire season yetmy player,Jorrell Savad,has had quite an exciting season. I started out in the Russian Premier playing fora team that went by the name of BK novosbrisk. I was the second best player on that team for a while and then I got acouple of contractoffers. I turned them down because I was playing well and didn't want to ride the pine all season.

Eventually I got an offer I couldn't refuse. It was $1,500a day with a $500 win bonus. That was good money so I took it and began playing in Japan. Things were great for awhile. We were killing it and soon took first place in the best division in Japan. But as happens with all good thingsour fortune was comingto an end and we started losing big time.

We hit a huge slide and on top of that another player came in at my position who was better than me and my guy lost minutes. The thinhg is, I must be one of the luckiest guys in cybedunk. Because my player got another contract offer for a different team in the same division. This contract blewmy last one out of the waterso Itook it. Although this team probably wont become the champions this season we have just as much talent as the best teams in our diviison. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for Jorrell Savad andthe team.

I'll talk to you guys more about the game later. I'll also give out tips that have helped me. If you are interested in playing this fun game don't hesitate to visit and sign up!

Cyberdunk MMO game

Let me tell you guys about this game that I just started playing called Cyberdunk. Now being the hardcore basketball fan that I am this game immediately peaked my interest. I'm still very new to it so I am not sure how EVERYTHING works but here is the gist of it.

In this game you create a player. You get to choose his name/position and then you randomly generate hisabilities and specs. After that you get drafted to a team and that's real the real fun begins. Once you are on your team you can begin to train and build up your player. You can do this a few different ways. One way is through training, you can hire trainers to help you grow in certain areas. another way is through buying equipment, you can buy shoes andother accessories to help increase your abilities.

Now to do all of these things you are going to need money. There are various ways to earn to money.Your most consistent source of income will be what you get everyday from your contract. Every player that is signed with a team has a contract and gets paid everyday. The betterplayer you are on the better contracts you will receive and the more money you will make. Another way to earn cash is by placing bets but at this time I have been unable to do that and I don't know how it all works.

Like I said earlier I am still verynew to this game and I am learning new things all the time. So far it's pretty fun. IF this sounds like something you would be interested in go here and check it out. If anyone is already playing this and has some tips for me, HIT ME UP! lol. My players name is Jorell Savad and I hope to make him a great Center.

Brothers in Arms

I rented this game about a week ago and I am pretty impressed. This reminds me of Full Spectrum Warrior but I like this better. The missions seem a little repetitive but it doesn't really get old. Hopefully I will beat this game before I take it back. The problem is is that I got sucked back into college hoops AGAIN. I renamed all of the first round draftees and am now playing a franchise with North Carolina so I can use Rashad McCants.

Wedding Crashers

Well I'm goint to go check out this movie tonight. I won an advanced screenig so I will go. I wasn't planning on seeing it but hey it looks like it might be funny.


Well I beat San Andreas. I had a lot of fun and over the months I may get close to 100 percent. Well I guess that's all lol.

My NBA 2K6 Idea

I have this really good idea for how the online play should be in the next 2K basketball game. I got this idea while playing coach mode in college hoops.

Here is how it works. When you go online you have to create a Coach persona. This coach will be your avatar meaning he will represent you in the game. You will start of with a certain set of attribute points that you can put towards attributes such as; Teaching ability (How fast you can train your players), Offense, Defense, Scouting (How well you scout players from draft), and Charisma (How well your players respond to you if they love you will they will tend to player harder. This also makes players more willing to stay or sign with your team and helps team chemistry). When people look at your stats they can also look at your coach. Now in my idea you can play actual franchises online. This will be like taking fantasy basketball to the next level.

Starting a franchise will be very similar to starting a season in the current games. When you start a franchise you choose a team. In this mode choosing a team is like taking a contract because your coach will be taking over that team. What this means is that your coach will be responsible for how the team grows. Your attributes and what you do will change the face of your team and their destiny. After every season all coaches will lose their contracts and their teams. You have a few days to decide if you want to stick with your team or try and trade teams with another user/coach.

I know one serious problem form this years title is that lots of times people would join a season and then disappear midway through. Well in the new online franchise mode if a player doesn't play a game by a certain date the opponent can just play his team with the cpu taking the helm. If it seems that the player will never come back the host and/or teh host's generals (you ae appointed to this position by the host) can fire that coach from the franchise. When people that come online want to join a season their coach is automatically entered into the coach free agency pool. From here a host can find another coach and offer them the contract to the team. The host can do this or the host can just let the computer take control of the team (in this case the teams original coach will return). Whenever anything major happens in the franchise a newspaper article will be written about it which could be found in the news section (Think a cross between 2K5's news section adn college hoops' articles).

In this franchise you will be able to trade players and draft just like the offline franchise mode. The draft day will be a day that the host will announce in the news section. During the draft there will be options to communicate with whoever else is in the draft in case you want to negotiate deals. If you don't want to take the time to do the draft yourself your coach will draft who he thinks is best based on his scouting skill. During and after every season your coach will gain new attribute points. That way you are always getting better and things don't get old.

Phew.. that's all I can think of right now. I really like this idea and I hope others do too. Let me know what you think.

War of the FREAKIN Worlds!!!

Well I just got done watching War of the Worlds. The movie was pretty breathtaking. There were a lot of little plot things that I didn't like and this movie is kind of esy to pick apart but I still enjoyed it immensly. I don't care what anyone says Tom Cruise is the man! He was awesome in here as always. Dakota Fanning(sp?) was top notch as well she is in my top 5 favorite female actors. I would suggest this movie to anyone though because I was just blown away almost every ten minutes.

On a game related note, College hoops is still good fun.

Quick entry

Yeah I haven't been here in a while. Reason? Cause I got GTA: SA and I have been HOOKED on it. Man this game should have got game of the year last year. So much to do and so much fun while doing it. The replay feature is crap though. Aw well back to the game!

Being a Coach is tough.

In College hoops being a coach is a tough job. I find myself recruiting players 24/7 while trying to maintain and improve my team at the same. Even though it is difficult hard work definitely pays off. I am quickly becoming one of the most sought after coaches in college hoops. I have taken two relatively weak teams and have made them both contenders for any team. Hopefully next season I will get my dream job, head coach of the University of Minnesota.

Dang, I really gotta thank Visual Concepts for making such an immersive and and entertaining game.

College hoops is good fun!

It seems like the more I play this game the more I like it. For anyone that is into basketball I suggest you pick this game up. I like the Legacy mode alot because it gives the game a huge amount of replay value. Great jop Sega and VC.

I still can't get Advent Rising to work. This is inexcusable IMO, but since I seem to be in teh minority with my problem perhaps I just have a faulty disc or at least one that is more faulty than the majority.

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