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  • caketoo wrote a review of Mafia III.
    User Rating 3
    Feeding this to the Fish would kill them.

    Firstly anyone thinking this is a 10 must be high,getting money or not care about the actual game portion. This game is bad. Graphically,physics, fun factor, all bad. Once you finish this game you wi...

  • caketoo rated Mafia III (Deluxe Edition) a score of 3.
  • caketoo posted a message on the post Mafia 3 Review in Progress.

    If this wasn't a 2K or Mafia game it would already be a 3.5. This game looks awful and the mission variety is non existent. You literally go to same location twice to kill a bunch of people. The NPC ...

  • caketoo wrote a review of No Man's Sky.
    User Rating 4
    No Man can I get a Refund?

    No mans sky sets out to randomly generate life and planets at an almost infinite pace, and tasks you with doing the same handful tasks an infinite amount of times. You will mostly be mining resources...

  • caketoo posted a message on the post Xbox One Price Drops to $280.

    Amazon has the Elite with Controller for 350$ If you dont care that these version will be dated and obsolete in a years time, now is probably the time to buy, but it will probably drop further once th...

  • caketoo rated Fallout 4 a score of 7.
  • caketoo posted a message on the post Fallout 4's Pip-Boy Edition Is In-Stock Right Now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

    Super hard to get ULTRA RARE pip boy edition back in stock for the 4th time on amazon and may show back up again at gamestop. Get it now cause once it sells out it may be a few weeks before it shows b...

  • caketoo wrote a review of Fallout 4.
    User Rating 7
    Hype Kills VideoGames

    Maybe time has shaped peoples thoughts on the past 2 fallouts and fallout 4 reminds us of what they were. We know what we are getting, Fallout and HIGH expectations. At its core this game is fallout ...

  • caketoo posted a message in the forum topic Pros and cons...(still early about 20 hrs.). on the Fallout 4 Board board

    My cons out weigh the prosThe ProsAnother great environment to seeBetter enemiesBetter leveling system/perksSimplified scrounging,no more opening to look at whats insideThe Cons so farSevere lack of w...

  • caketoo posted a message on the post Oculus Rift Creator Responds to Time Magazine Cover Controversy.

    It just looks like he's fluttering and than the horrid photoshop of a beach makes it even worse. In the end though Reality is whats going to kill virtual reality that and our brains.

  • caketoo posted a message on the post Fallout 4: Bigger Battles, Better Shooting & Less Clunky.

    So is this quakecon all over again where only people there will see anything Fallout4?! and the rest of us have to hear about it like its 1933.

  • caketoo posted a message on the post Fallout 4 Has 400+ Hours of Content.

    In fallout3 it took me 900 hours before I even set foot in the Corvega factory. Its easy to miss or overlook things in these games which is why I enjoy them,so I look forward to not seeing alot of th...

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  • caketoo posted a message on the post Black Ops 3 Does Not Stand Out From Its Past.

    I like that it only took them how many games to allow longer/infinte running. God Forbid my world class trained soldier be able to run for more than 4 seconds.

  • caketoo posted a message in the forum topic *remove post*. on the Purgatory board

    Games, media basically anything will always be a scapegoat. People don't have accountability anymore nor are we held to it. If someone does something wrong or bad we have to find something to blame a...

  • caketoo wrote a review of Destiny.
    User Rating 6
    Your Destiny is the R1 Button

    When you hear about something for months on end to a year it's easy to get high hopes. The problem is things are better in your mind than in reality and this is another case of that. A game from a bi...

  • caketoo rated Destiny a score of 6.
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    @tonyx429 said:@caketoo: @caketoo said: @tonyx429 said: I don't own the game yet, but hope to get it soon.I heard the game lacks in story though, according to an article I read, otherwise gameplay, l...