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The Dark Sword Union.

I going create a new union. "The Dark Sword Union" in this union we gonna talk about games, comics and anime which are related to swords spears and these kind of weapons. I want to invite everyone to join this union for learn more about these fantastic weapons.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil: Extinction (previously known as Resident Evil: Afterlife) the film will be produced by Paul Anderson with filming expected to begin in Mexico in May 2006. It is unknown whether the events of Extinction will lead to Japan where Resident Evil 4 will be set. The release date hasn't been set yet but it is currently scheduled for a 2007 release.

Here there is some information about the film; of course it isn’t confirmed information.

The subtitle of Afterlife has been changed

Sources indicate the release date to be set for a 2007 date.

Impact and Constantin Films announced 2 more sequels to Resident Evil: Apocalypse after success worldwide.

The sequel of Extinction is currently known as Resident Evil 4 but will be changed to avoid confusion with the game Resident Evil 4. It is rumored to be titled Resident Evil: Annihilation.

Will have more action and gore than Apocalypse.

The film was originally intended to be filmed in the Australian Outback but was changed to Toronto.

In late February 2006, rumors began emerging on the internet that a teaser trailer for the film may be released in upcoming weeks or months. Screen Gems has discredited this information as a "false rumor".




HOSTEL: The real horror.

For all the people who enjoy the real horror, I can recommend this fantastic movie. In the film you can see all the evil that could have the human minds. Although it is just a movie, you can’t avoid thinking that it could be a real story, so be careful when you go to have fun around Europe ¡nobody knows what could happen!