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What A Strange Year This Has Been

Well, it's mid April. My spring break just ended, and now I have a snow day. A nor'easter has hit much of the Northeastern U.S. and there's like a foot of snow right outside my house...in mid April. I'm not gonna complain about a snow day, but I will say WTF?

Going Away

As of today, I'm officially on February break. I'm just letting everyone know that I'm gonna be on vacation for the next week or so and I will hardly be on GS, if at all. Just letting all those at their respective unions know so you don't wonder where I've gone to. For those of you who are free - have a nice break!

Xbox Live is So Aggravating!

I've been playing a lot of Rainbow Six on Xbox Live lately, trying to level up so I can get more equipment, but I seem to really suck at Live. Everyone else seems to have no trouble killing me while I can hardly function with a gun. I'm fine on Gears of War, but I'm terrible at multiplayer Rainbow Six. Am I a noob or are people who play Rainbow Six Vegas just really good?

New Reviews

I've reviewed two of the three games I received for Christmas - Call of Duty 3 and Rainbow Six Vegas. I might review Civilization 4 soon.

Also, I've been enlisted in my school newspaper and my first assignment is to review the new Bob Dylan album. Working on the paper might actually be fun.

My Brother Got the Wii

My 10 year-old brother received a lot of money from my grandma this Christmas and so he got a Wii! I haven't really played it yet (too busy with my presents), but we got Wii Sports and the new Zelda game. Anyone have any recommendations for other games I should get that are out now or coming out soon?

Merry Christmas

Well...merry Christmas everyone. I hope all of you had a great Dec. 25, whether you celebrate Xmas or not. I had a great time. Here's a list of the stuff I got:

32" HDTV
Fender Stratocaster
Marshall Half-Stack
Xbox Live
Rainbow Six: Vegas for the 360
Civilization IV
3 Airsoft Guns
iPod Shuffle
Some guitar memorabilia (shirts, calenders, etc.)

Overall, I gotta say it was a great Christmas, but I still need a new computer so I can enjoy Civ IV.

New HDTV!!

After years of playing video games on a stinking 16 inch standard definition television, I finally got an HDTV! It's a 32 inch flatscreen and it's beautiful. I didn't think it was possible, but Gears of War looks even better now!

Got Gears of War

I just finished Gears of War and it's AMAZING!! I wrote a review for anyone whose interested.

EDIT: I'm also in the process of revising my older, cruddy reviews in case anyone cares.

Just Saw Borat

I just saw Borat and although it was horribly offensive and disgusting (there's naked wrestling with men) it was also probably the funniest movie I have ever seen and ever will see. I have never laughed as hard as when I saw this movie. All of you must see it ASAP!!!