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bionic commando rocks

ok first of all Bionic Commado Rearmed is an incredible game, anyone who is reading this go buy the game or at least get the demo. its def the best downloadable game on any console so far. for $10, u get a full length single player story (5-10 hrs depending on how good u are), over 50 timed challenges with leaderboards, full co-op, versus multiplayer with up to four ppl with ten maps and seven weapons, and a bunch of bonus videos.

one thing tht definately isnt getting enough publicity about this game is its multiplayer. yes, co-op is fine and dandy, but its not nearly as fun as versus. i played it with three of my buddies for at least 2-3 hrs straight and we still kept wanting "one more round". again, everyone buy this

actually thats about it

buy it

first blog in a while

im in the mood to rant about stuff so ill do it here. if anyone cares im a junior in high school and i live in nj. some of my interests are soccer, football, and playing video games. im a big bucs fan. thats enuf about me...

wow that was the craziest week of football i can rmbr in a long time. 5 games won in the final seconds, incredible.


- texans getting their first win in dramatic fashion. matt schaub is an extremely underrated quarterback and when i dont care about either team i love it when the home team wins in dramatic fashion

- two words: matt ryan. wow. he looked amazing against a bears defense that has been one of the best for years. im not looking fwd to having to play him twice a year if he can keep that up. (although if he plays like how he did against us in week 2, im all for it)

- the bucs routed carolina, proving that we are still the best team in the division. (sorry panthers and saints fans.) were still undefeated at home and thanks to tiebreakers, are officially in first place where we will stay for the remainder of the year. if anyone wants to challenge us, theyre gonna have to beat us in raymond james stadium. FUN FACT: in division home games we have outscored the other team 51-12 and have yet to allow a TD

-cowboys, skins, and giants all lost to weak non-nfc east teams. finally the nfc is getting the recognition it deserves for being the best division in football. (check for more info)

-i actually LOL'ed on the dan orlovsky safety

-the lions got shafted by the refs which sucks cuz i have a bet that the vikings arent gonna make the playoffs and bullsh1t wins like that arent gonna help me any =/


im takin psats tmrw and i am totally unprepared buttt as far as i know theyre pretty insignificant for getting into good colleges.

i had to "supervise" my schools freshmen class council in order to get hours for national honors society. and let me tell you, id rather buy a bottle of lube and invide 2 gay prostitutes over named gregory and charlie than do that again. there was no way i was that annoying as a freshman.

eagle eye gets a mehhhh. there were some cool scenes and it was a good idea at first, but there were just too many plot holes and loose frays. i realize now i liked it a little more than i shuld have, but i still give it 3 stars out of 5, but thats with a generous boost thanks to the obv PORTAL references =]

the DOW up 900 points! woo! this means i might actually be able to go to college -_-


if any of u already know who al davis is, then u can stop reading. for everybody else, hes some old assh01e whos owned the oakland raiders since the 60's (not sure exactly on the date). he looks like a sea dragon. anyway he fired the head coach (lane kiffin) and called him a liar, crook, assh01e etc. kiffin had a press conference the nxt day and was practically crying, the poor guy. (hes the son of one of the ast. coaches in tampa so i like him). so al davis pinpoints him as the problem, not realizing it was his own ineptitude. from what ive heard, davis fights with players, changes plays on the fly, and clubs baby seals.

thats all i can think of now. nxt week: BIONIC COMMANDO REARMED, probly more football, maybe the max payne movie, baseball (go rays!) and william flippin mckinley (bonafide bad ass).

i hate having to say flippin, bullsh1t, and assh01e, instead of the real words

Some kid told me to write a blog post...

yea. i havent written one in like 2 months. im almost level 21, cuz ive been lvl 20 for like 6 months. no, i wasnt banned.

i write game reviews for my schools newspaper. i wrote one for mercury meltdown, killzone liberation, and mk armageddon. il upload them eventually.

i still dont have a girlfriend, but i will. by next week. or next month. or next year. eventually....

i owned this kid at DDR so bad he cried, and i hadn't played DDR for like a year before that. But then he owned me in guitar hero so i called him a hacker.

yea, and i got that turkey emblem for some reason, but i dont know why.

feel free to say whatever u want as a comment as long as its not profane, spencer.

A few school tidbits...

Here are just some interesting things that happened in the first 2 weeks of school:

1. My engineering teacher had her 50th birthday so there was a huge 2 hour celebration with no class at all! Yay!

2. A kid tried to start a Dungeons & Dragons club.

3. I found out that seniors are allowed to play Super Smash Bros. Melee and Guitar Hero during study hall. Damn them!!!

4. I slide tackled a kid in field hockey during Phys Ed. The gym teacher got pissed, but I just said I thought that was allowed.

5. I figured out that Mac's freeze more than PC's despite the commercial saying otherwise.

6. In a "video conference" with another school across state during history, a kid that was sitting right in front of the camera fell asleep. It was hilarious.

7. Today was the school's Use Chopsticks Because You're a Ninja Day! No joke. I'm not very good with chopsticks.

8. Some seniors bring food from Wendy's or Taco Bell and sell them for like $5.00 but everyone still buys it because my school's food sucks.

9. When an upperclassmen tells you that his homemade hot dogs are only a dollar, do not buy them!!!!! Oh my god, I'd rather be crapped on by a sumo wrestler than eat anyone one of those!!!

10. I have this teacher who is literally AFRAID OF THE COLOR PURPLE. If anyone wears it he actually covers his eyes and tells them to weara spare t-shirt from the nurse for the rest of the period.

11. Everybody hates Uwe Boll as much as I do.

Oh yeah, I also beat SOCOM Fireteam Bravo and Gun, and rented Daxter, which kicks ass. Later all.

Frickin 7.7! WTF!!!!!!

There is no way in hell that the best PSP game of the year, Loco Roco deserves a 7.7. IGN gave it a 9.0 and in the review didn't say a single bad thing about it. Then why didn't it get a 10? GamePro gave it a 3 out of 5 and said that the game is too repetitive. How is it too repetitive? Each level has you exploring different places like the stomach of an animal or a graveyard and there are tons of new enemies and obstacles. X-Play gave it a 4 out of 5 yet didn't mention a single bad thing about it. Most of these critics said that the game was too short. There are 40 levels. Each level takes about 20 minutes on the first completion. That's 8 hours. If you want to unlock everything, it'll take from 60 to 90 minutes. That's FIFTY hours. How the hell is that too short?! It just seems like enemies have something against innovative games that aren't afraid to try new things. (Not that I think about it, this is the same thing many did with Daxter, except not nearly to this extent.)

In other news, I got my toe operated on for the 3rd an final time and this hurt the most of the three. I also start school tomorrow. My first soccer game is on Friday night and my coach demoted me from center attacking midfield to center defense (we play a 3-5-2) because two of our fullbacks left and nobody else wants to play defense. On the bright side, it's less running but on the bad side if I screw up that's a goal. At least I'm still the team captain.

10 More Things That Piss Me Off

1. When a publisher takes a mediocre game, gives it no advertising, and then sells it for $50 (or maybe $60). Who in hell is going to buy this game?! Nobody has heard of it. It's not even that good. Two examples of this are Devil Kings and Sniper Elite. Ever heard of them? They came out last year. For $50. At least give them a budget price!

2. When you're playing through a game, having a grand old time, and then you get to a hard as nails boss battle. There is nothing I hate more than an excruciatingly difficult boss battle midway through a game.

3. Movies that have a kid ten or under who saves the world. It's never going to happen, so just quit it already.

4. People who hate puzzle games and never even tried them. Oh, moving blocks is for queers, I want to rip off headshots! n00b! Puzzle games are the most addicting genre, especially on handhelds, and are TONS of fun. Just look at Lumines.

5. Those tough guys who go watch Hostel, or the Amityville Horror, or some other horror movie and then say, oh, that didn't scare me. You practically crapped in your pants, pansy.

6. Autograph books. Any person who wastes a whole book dedicated to getting Mickey Mouse's, Barbara Striessand's, and Mel Gibson's autographs should go stick a toaster up their @$$.

7. Cold sores. Those things hurt like hell, man!

8. People who say totally tubular, golly, or swell. Go stick a blender up your @$$.

9. When British people say that I don't speak English, I speak American. It's the same frickin language. Those people should go eat some tea and biscuits.

10. Neo Nazis. Do they piss anybody off also? It also pisses me off how the government allows them to worship Hitler and block roads and crap like that. When you see some, pull a Blues Brothers and drive right through them so they go flying off a bridge and their floppy hats get wet.

That's it for this week, I'll post more when I thing of some. (I had to censor @$$ otherwise I'd lose 10% off my current level.)

Tornado Alert!

There is a tornado alert for most of New Jersey, and there have even been some tornadoes in the other side of my county! Just to let you know, we do not have a basement and do not have any tornado protection supplies.

Second, I finished my review of Twisted Metal: Black so can you guys read it or at least skim it and recommend it if you like it? Thanks.

10 Things that Piss Me Off

1. Uwe Boll. He has not made a single non-crappy movie (Bloodrayne, Alone in the Dark, Blackwoods), yet he still is getting a ton of money and is directing a new film, called Dungeon Siege.

2. When people call the Xbox 360 the "Dreamcast 2". I'm not a big fan of the 360, but still, there will never be a console as crappy as the Dreamcast. The 360 already has some awesome exclusive games (Dead Rising), which the DC did not have.

3. When people buy an IPod so they can look cool carrying it around. You know who you are.

4. When people say that they are going to buy a 360 because the PS3 is too expensive. If you want the HD-DVD drive, its another $200 plus $50 a year online.

5. When reviewers say that games are too short, yet it takes more than 10 hours to finish them. One critic even said "...Grandia III clocks in only at about 35 hours long, which is a disappointment..." Am I the only one who likes 10-15 hour games?

6. When game developers feel that their levels look empty, so they throw in tons of unbreakable, unmoveable boxes!

7. Escort Missions. There have only been a handful of good ones ever thanks to your escortee running off or directly into your line of fire.

8. How there are "Fantasy Football Experts" on ESPN. Ooh, I'm a fantasy football expert, so sign me up so I can be on national TV, make millions of dollars, and be wrong most of the time!

9. When people say that they were disappointed by a crappy movie based game. Only a few good movie based games (Chronicals of Riddick, Spiderman 2) were ever made. How can you have high expectations for Da Vinci Code or Monster House the game?!

10. When I run out of toilet paper. You know, that last person just "forgot" to change the roll and now you have nothing to wipe yourself with after you make a massive explosion.

There will be more of these things that piss me off next week or so.

Top 5 Anticipated PS3 Games

Alright, here is my Top 5 most anticipated PlayStation 3 games. If you missed numbers six through ten, then check the previous blog post.

#5 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

It's Metal Gear Solid. It's next-generation. Snake is old. What isn't there to like? Heck, I'm not even that big of an MGS fan and I am looking foward to this game. There hasn't been any gameplay movies or much info at all, but you know that Hideo Kojima is going to do something to completely shock fans of the series. The gameplay isn't that important for some people, they play through the game to to know the story. This is the last Metal Gear, however, so you need to get it.

#4 Gran Turismo 5

Yeah, I know that some of you people will want to kill me for putting this in front of Metal Gear Solid 4, but Gran Turismo 5 will be the best racing game ever made. I know that I said the same thing about GT4, but trust me on this one. Gran Turismo 4 was the best looking PS2 game ever made, so expect GT5 to do the same on the PS3. Now about the gameplay; it's the super realistic racing that GT has been known for, with damage models. That's right, it's Burnout 3 meets GT 4, with next-gen everything. Just in this screenshot you can see 13 cars, so there will probably be even more. And it has online! Yippee!

#3 Grand Theft Auto IV

While no information has been given on this game other than that it will be released late 2007 and that tattoos look cool, it's friggin next-gen GTA. If that doesn't give you goosebumps, then you have problems. Also expect some angry politicians when it comes out.

#2 Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed has you playing in the 8th century during the time of the Crusades. You play as Altair, a member of the assassin guild called Hashashshin (or something like that). The best way to describe this game is Prince of Persia meets Hitman with a little of GTA thrown in. There are three cities that are literally your playgrounds. Altair's objective is to find the target, swoop in for the kill, and run like hell afterwords. Altair can traverse anything that protrudes 2 or more inches from a wall meanig that each mission can play out in millions of different ways. There's also rumors of a Splinter Cellesque multiplayer mode. This is the game that defines "next-gen".

#1 Unreal Tournament 2007

Let me say this right now, UT 2007 will be BETTER than Halo 3. UT 2007 is a futuristic type shooter, sort of like Half-Life in case if you never played any of the previous games. In Ut 2007, you'll be able to play online with 31 of your best buddies on literally hundreds of maps with humans or the most realistic bots ever to be put in a game. There will also be a 15 hour story mode, the best single player mode in any FPS ever. It doesn't hurt that UT 2007's gameplay videos look better than Halo 3's prerendered cut-scenes. This will be the Counter-Strike of the next generation.

Well's that's it. UT 2007 took the crown followed closely by Assassin's Creed, GTA IV, and Gran Turismo 5. For more PS3 goodies just read by blog in a couple of days.

My 10 PS3 Games

Before I list my Top 10 anticipated PS3 games, I have to mention a few things. My toe has almost fully recovered (again), I start school on September 7th so a still have a couple weeks of freedom, and my soccer season starts this upcoming weekend. Alright, now here are the Top 10:

#10  Ni-Oh

Ni-Oh has you play as a bodyguard monk who is assigned to protect Buddha. 'Nuff said. Oh, you want to know about the gameplay? While no actual gameplay movies have been shown, the trailer makes it look like the gameplay will be a cross between Spartan: Total Warrior and Dynasty Warriors. You can also summon a ginormous serpent..

#9  Heavenly Sword

In Heavenly Sword, you play as a female warrior named Nariko whose country is being invaded. To save it, she uses the "Heavenly Sword" which also zaps away the life of anybody who uses it. In basic terms, she must kill all of the invaders before she dies. Alright, the premise isn't the best but the gameplay makes up for it. Many  people called Goddess of War for a reason. Long combos flow out of your controller and enemies go flying everywhere with just a few button presses. It doesn't hurt that this is also one of the best-looking next-gen games, period.

#8  The Darkness

The Darkness is a launch FPS based on the comic series of the same name. You play as Jackie Estacado, the adopted son of New York City's mafia kingpin. When your dad wants you dead, it was time to take things into your own hands. In addition to the standard FPS fare, you also have Darkness powers, such as using a long tentacle to impale enemies and making black holes. You also have a trusty pair of demon heads sticking out of your shoulders and a plethera of "henchmen" at your disposal. The henchmen are these little gremlins that each can do different things. One has a saw, one hasa a bat, one have grenades,etc. It's also worth noting that this is being made by the Chronicals of Riddick team.

#7  Bioshock

This game won the GS award for Best Game of E3 for a reason. This FPS shooter has you playing in an underwater utopia gone haywire where the residents are genetically mutilated freaks. There are also RPG elements tied into the gameplay. Bioshock also looks absolutely gorgeous, with its dark, horror themed tone.

#6  Resistance: Fall of Man

This launch FPS title is brought to you by Insomniac, the makers of the Ratchet and Clank series. In Resistance, an alien race called the chimera invaded Earth so the world banded together to defeat them. Basically, World War II never happened. You play as Nathan Hale in the 1950's and you have to command your team to destroy the chimera. The gameplay looks like 50% Half-Life and 50% Socom with a bit of the movie Starship Troopers thrown in. One thing that the Ratchet and Clank series was know for was it's assortment of crazy weapons, and Insomniac has already confirmed that Resistance will have its fair share of them. This is shaping up to be the best PS3 launch title.

I'll have the Top 5 PS3 games either tomorrow or Tuesday.