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Oh Dear..

Oh my. Well hello everyone. Or anyone still on anyway :P I'm sorry i'm always gone for such long periods of time. I've been overwhelmingly busy with school, sports, social obligations, etc. I'm gonna stay online this time though! No more disappearing for me :)

So what's the news? New tv shows? How's life? I need to get reconnected :)

Holy Crap O.o

i've beeen gone an awfully long time ^^; ha i've prob been completely forgotten by now :P thinkin of gettin rid of my haven't had time to get on...

ADD: you can always find me on i'm XRainbows_is_Cloud_BarfX

My Friends, this is the Realtime Deal *Insert epic music*

Heyy! so so so sooooo sorry i was gone so long :P i haven't really had much computer time lately. i don't know when or if i'll get around to everyones blogs T.T but i'll try. Finally a freshman in high school mi amigos! wicked awesome except for the learning and work part :P but i'll make it through all that. :D Uber Epic concert at my high school tonight. tons of local bands and Close To Home.

close to home Pictures, Images and Photos

first time i got to hang out with my guy friends in a long time. i felt weird though. i was the only girl with my group of friends which ended up bein 7 guys xP

mosh pit Pictures, Images and Photos

but hey, it was seriously great. Miss you all. Hope your summers were amazing. now get to your work and

peace out!

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Blog is back!

my blogs have returned! ^^ yay! I've missed them so :P lol ok so how is everyone?

I've recently finished Ouran High School Host Club. I'm so sad that its over! But it had to end eventually. It was a really cute ending :) kyoya Pictures, Images and PhotosKyoya is still my fave, but just barely. Kaoru Pictures, Images and PhotosKaoru almost passed him :P

Really bored. School starts soon. can't stand it! I really don't want to go back. Homework sucks... bunny Pictures, Images and Photos

New haircut! haha xD its much shorter. i loves it ^^

Hikaru and Kaoru chibis (for my forum posts) Pictures, Images and Photos

Ciao mi amigos!!!!!

If Love were easy,...

Hey! I'm back! I got home from Tennesee a few weeks ago. It was great! i got to spend some much needed time with the fam and everything went pretty awesome. Then i went to camp to be a counselor for 3rd and 4th garders. That was amazing! I love little kids and its great to spend just a little time with them. It actually turns out that my friend ben's (deraklis) little sister skylar was in my group. shes adorable! i absolutely love her!! :P lol well a few days later i went ttto my camp. I spent some time with some bds, like nikole (darkninja1994) and brooke. it was fun. I brought my friend jack with me, and he actuall became pretty good friends with ben. then on july 4th, i turned 15! woohoo!!!!!!

ok, now to my title. this may sound really stupid, but i think i've actually fallen in love. Its so weird saying it, but i know i am. It's really hard to admit, a total i told you so moment from friends. But, i can't help but smile everytime i talk to him and can't stand to go more than a few hours withou talking to him!!! it drives me insane! he says he loves me too, but he has a gf, who incidentally went to camp with us this year. its all so awkward...

ok, well i cant wait to hear from everyone again! peace out!

Gone, Gone, Baby its all Gone.

Ok, i'm leaving once again. Goin to Tennessee to visit family. And hopefully takin some pics as well ;) I'll be gone for a week, but i'll be back and checkin up on everyone soon! Bye bye!!!

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YAY!! Rainbows!!!!!!

Back for the time being! :)

ok, school is out for me! i'm back on for a little while then, so i'll be catching up with everyones blogs. well i'll try to at least :) finals sucked. ick :( but i have bunches of free time now! ^^ its uber boring, but my friends will be around more this summer, and super news, I may be going to Warped Tour!! woot! its totally huge! i could be meeting some of my favorite bands this year, like The Devil Wears Prada and Underoath!! im sooo excited!!!

list of bands

warped Pictures, Images and PhotosTDWP Pictures, Images and Photos

underoath Pictures, Images and Photos

ok, well peace out peoples!!!

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edit: i'm watching Pretty in Pink *spoiler* and i cant believe she left Duckie!!! i dont care if he got another girl!! He's my favorite! :( shes a butthead :(


Ok, imso sorry i've been gone so long. i've got a lot to do right now. its almost the end of the school year, so im super busy with finals and course assessment exams!! ugh! i think im goin crazy! on top of that, ive got tennis to finish, and im startin my new summer job this saturday. wow. i'll be gone almost all june, so im sooo sorry if i dont get to comment on blogs for a while. but if you'd like to talk to me at all, i should be good at keeping up with my PM's so its all good. i'll get back to everyone when i can. but

peace out for now!!

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It's getting Hot, Hot, Hot!

Hello people of Earth and beyond who have Internet access^^Waving Emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos lol, ok Its Earth Day Pictures, Images and Photos!!!Earth Pictures, Images and Photos yay^^ to celebrate an environmental group in my school (only open to high school, but i can join next year^^) hosted a viewing of the documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Its the movie with Al Gore and talks about global warming. They also sold Snow Cones and took donations to help raise money to plant trees at our school. Let's just say, the snow cone thing is doin AWESOME. They sell them during each lunch period, and almost every time theres a HUGE line. lol, and Spring is finally starting to show again!! It was a perfect day for tennis practice, but i forgot my practice clothes, so i couldn't come. :( but i'll be ok^^ Its supposed to get up to, like, 80 degrees on Saturday so i'll be just fine^^

peace out my friends!

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And so, she Easter Bunny got funky...

hello everyone!!hello ^^ Pictures, Images and Photos Happy Easter! it is a day of rejoicing, for Jesus Christ has risen!!! but i do want to know, where does the Easter Bunny come into all this??? i understand that eggs represent new life and all that, but bunnies dont lay eggs. and im pretty sure they didnt die on the cros...

lol and on other news, my clumsiness has almost killed me once again :P lol well since today is Easter, my mommy wanted me to dress up for church. my dress pants are just a little, well ok, really long. lol, and i was at my gmas house this morning becuz i had to type up a paper for school and i was on my way down to say i was done, and i tripped on my pant and fell down a flight of stairs.fall Pictures, Images and Photoswell, i came out and i wasnt rlly hurt, just a few bruises, but i'll be fine. lol, now it looks like my shortness and clumsiness are working together this time XD

ok, now since its Easter, lets have the dancing bunnies take us out!! Peace out!!

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