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I thought I would write a mini-review of the Eagle Eye Controller from Penguin United. For those that don't know, this device allows you to use a keyboard and mouse combination on the PS3. I realize there is debate about doing such things with on-line play, but that isn't what this thread is about. My last console was an Atari 2600 and I have been a PC gamer since. I recently got a PS3 as my son loves MLB The Show and I wanted to try some PS3 exclusives. I originally attempted Uncharted 2 and found having to use a controller was simply god awful. I realize those that grew up with the controller are perfectly fine with it, but for us PC game guys, a keyboard/mouse is the only way to go. This is why I got the Eagle Eye.

The device first connects up to a PC via the USB port. It comes with a mini-CD that you copy the contents of to your PC. The program is quite simple giving you a screen with all of the buttons of a PS3 controller and you select which keys or mouse buttons map to them. You can have up to two separate mappings stored. Additionally, there is an area where you can map combos if you want. Next you click the "send" button and the profile is sent to the device. Following that you connect the device to your PS3 and you plug in a USB mouse and keyboard to the USB connectors on the device. Wireless mice and keyboards will not work.

The keyboard/mouse combo will work in the PS3 menu as well as in games. There is nothing special you need to do to enable it on the PS3. You can also use the regular PS3 controller.

Everything worked brilliantly in Uncharted 2. You can play with the sensitivity in the options menu and on your mouse if you have a DPI option. Sometimes I did find I need to really move the mouse a lot in order to look around in a particular direction, but overall this wasn't a big problem. I did not notice any delay between my movements/commands and the character. Additionally, all the button presses worked real-time. The experience isn't necessarily 100% like the PC, but it is very very close. Each game will be slightly different no doubt, but overall this is a major win for those of us wanting a more PC control experience.

I paid $49.99 for the unit (I had a $10 off coupon) otherwise the unit is $59.99. I received the unit in only a few days via the USPS; however, I live in CA and the unit seems to ship from CA. There are a number of shipping options and the prices are very reasonable.

One caveat is that not all keyboard and mouse combos will work. I have seen reports of folks not getting certain brands to work, so your mileage may vary. For the record I have a Saitek Eclipse keyboard and a Logitech G5 mouse. As I said, zero issues with this setup.

Hope this might be helpful to others thinking of getting this device.