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It's been a whole 2 weeks since I last bothered posting anything. There's no real reason just been really busy as I haven't had a lot of time between reading Friedrich Nietzsche, looking at and addressing peoples ideas about muslims and designing a level, all in between writing up and submitting content to mine and tofu-lions game blog.

To be honest I really could have not bothered with this blog I have nothing to say so all the purpose of this blog has served is a shameless plug of my own gaming blog. So here you are, I am alive.

Level 21!

I have finally managed to get my way through the infamous level 20, but then again I haven't really been here that much. The reason I haven't been here is that I have returned to college. Normally college isn't a bloggable topic, however I have just started a new and very interesting course. The course I have started is an extended project which gives you almost absolute freedom on what you want to do, so I will unveil my project to GameSpot.

Over the next few weeks I will be designing and building a level/map for a video game. I'm not sure what I want to build this, probably use the unrealED or source to build my map but I'm glad I've found something I can actually enjoy doing at college now. Apart from that the only thing that has really happened in my life is my computer breaking down. That is the home PC not my laptop which is fine, but it's kind of annoying as it means I can't really use the newest unreal engine for the level as it needs to have low enough system specs to be able to run on my laptop so I'm thinking I might end up just building at UT2004 map for my project.


This is the latest addition to the (Not) Richard and Judy Gamers Podcast, this week tofu-lion is away in Spain so she is absent from the podcast this week so it's just me and shaz14 this week. Anyway we are a day late but we have an extra long show this time so that kind of makes up for it.

So check the podcast here.

Please feel free to leave comments on the podcast.

Liquid lunch

Well I managed to actually venture outside the house today for what feels like the first time in ages. Not sure why I haven't really been out I just guess I haven't really had much to do. Anyway, my friend Ryan appeared earlier today and asked if I wanted to come down to the pub for a liquid lunch (aka. Pint of beer). Anyways whilst I was out I thought to venture into my local independant games retailer. I usually decide to go to an independant retailer as they usually hold some of the more interesting games and also in this case you can get some import games.

I picked up a copy of N+ which I have been really enjoying and have reviewed if anyone is interested in my thoughts upon this game along with Buzz master quiz as it seemed like a nice fun little game to be able to play whilst I'm at college which starts up again next week.

Anyway, I'm sure many of you know that I co-host a podcast (If you don't then you do now) and you may also know that the other main host has run off to Spain, however, don't worry the podcast will be going ahead as usual for your listening pleasure tomorrow as usual.

Unexpected absence.

Well I haven't really been on GameSpot for the past couple of days, no apparent reason, just really can't be bothered. It's probably the idea of college looming over me, as well as nights sitting in the pub till 2am getting very, VERY drunk.

I have not done a great deal recently just been playing a whole bunch of games, managed to finish F.E.A.R, Tomb Raider 2 and Tomb Raider Legend. I currently am not planning to start up Tomb Raider 3 again as I have probably spent enough time with Lara Croft (although I am still going through Tomb Raider Anniversary). Obviously I am looking forward to Tomb Raider Underworld as I'm pretty much up-to-date on my Tomb Raider canon, both c1assic and new.

Anyway here's something I've been doing with my spare time whilst wondering what I want to play next. Any suggestions?

The Tomb Raider 2 cover is a simple ps1 to dvd cover conversion, but I made the strongbad cover all by myself!

Results, and why am I not rearmed?

Well today is the day when every college student collectively worries at the same time. Yes it is results day. I've just come back from picking up my results for my AS levels and I am quite pleased with them, much better than last year. So heres what I got:

Government and Politics: E

Philosophy: D

Religious Studies: D

Psychology: B

I am pleased with my results as I am not an A student and never really expected very high marks and seems as Psychology is what I really want to do I am very pleased with a B. Anyway, I think I've only got a few weeks before I start my final year of college.

Now onto games, I have been looking forward to Bionic Commando Rearmed for quite a while. In fact I'm much more interested in BC:Rearmed than I am about the new Bionic Commando. So I thought I'd get onto the PSN and download it but when I managed to get on the PSstore there was a noticable absence in the form of Bionic Commando. This is incredibly infuruating and I don't really understand why it has been delayed for the European store seems as it is already out on Xbox Live in Europe and the EU PSN is the only one that has been delayed. Anyway there's not much I can do about that so I guess I'll just finish up and start preparing for my final year of college (WellI say prepared but I mean just carry on playing the Bionic Commando Rearmed demo from the japanese PSN)

I Have done it! Well kind of!

In my huge uncharted trophy mission I have been doing quite well until a couple of days ago where I hit a major wall, and if you've been following my blogs you'll know what I'm on about, and also if you've been following my blogs then go you! I have just managed to do that bit and I'm rather impressed, I used my usual method of ignoring it for a while so today after spending a bunch of time with tofu-lion (and recording our podcast) I came home and felt in a bit of an uncharted mood. On my third time (and using a variety of tactics as I wasn't really trying too hard to get it doe) I managed to get that ridiculously hard bit done, so I am creeping closer to that elusive platinum trophy, GO TEAM BRAINDEAD

And also go to the podcast! DO IT NOW!

Also as a side not I should just say I've been listening to arcade fire, have to say I am really enjoying them. I would definately recommend them.

EDIT: Well that's it for uncharted, it is complete and I am sitting smugly with a nice shiny platinum trophy, wow I fell much better and like I've truly achieved something.

Working my fingers to the bone

Well, it's been almost a week since I posted my last blog, and mostly in that time I have really just been playing one thing: Uncharted Drakes Fortune

I'm sure anyone who is a PS3 owner will surely know the reason why I have been replaying this freaking awesome game, aside from its freaking awesomeness. Trophies. I am so into the trophy idea, and the 360 achievements but the lack of an xbox360 makes it kinda hard to get them, it just limits me to the 4 games for windows live titles. Anyway, I probably would have blogged about this sooner but I was busy trying my hardest to actually attain these trophies and now I am down to one last one left, and it's a toughie. Playing the game on crushing difficulty is ridiculous, most enemies take care of you in around 3 or 4 hits and there are quite a few who will hand out one shot kills on you, this is going to take forever, but I will do it and get that platinum trophy. It seems achievement whoring has officially hit PS3

(I know there are already 2 PSN titles with trophies so please don't point that out)

On the way to (internet) stardom

Well yesterday me and tofu-lion91 got down to doing our first podcast together, I am generally fairly pleased with the result, but then as with everyone who hears their voice recorded and played back to them, I've come to hate how I sound. Anyways, If you want to go check out my podcast, and you do want to, then follow this link.

Anyway last time I brought you some fairly bad adverts from the nintendo camp, so I thought as a treat I'd show you some of my favourate adverts.

This is one of my favourates, whilst this isn't really video game related it is a very good advert as it is memorable and does manage to get it's method across without trying to pound it into your head, if only more adverts were like this.


But not all adverts have to be super inventive or ave a huge budget, some can be just plain funny generally like Sony's dustballs campaign, whilst the campaign in general has some pretty bad adverts I fell this is one of the best.


Finally this is one that got banned, this is for the Microsoft Xbox360 which also uses a rather simple idea and also gets it's message across without trying to beat you over the head with it and whilst being funny in the process, not sure why it got banned, but kudos to you microsoft...


Lazy summer days

Well it's summer and very hot and apart from joining tofu-lion91 in a videoblog I haven't really achieved all that much. After such a long and lazy day watching TV and playing Tomb Raider 2 (Oh so old school) I saw a number of adverts for Guitar Hero: On Tour. In stead of going on about Guitar Hero I would rather talk about the actual advert itself, along with all the adverts designed by Nintendo Europe it's truly cringeworthy, whilst I currently can't find the video (I'll probably edit this when I do) I can show you a similar advert from NOE.


It seems Nintendo have a history of this, whilst wasting my time looking around at old adverts I managed to find one that made me facepalm with how patronising it is and how it alienates 50% of Nintendo's prospective audience in one fell swoop.


Other than being rather sexist it's probably not as bad as some of their other adverts however to round this off I've found a much earlier advert which I feel was rather amusing and certainly better than some of the newer ones so here, enjoy