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Tax Return = X-box 360

Friday I will be picking up my 360.  It has been a long time in the making, but I will soon be joining the ranks on X-box Live.  Give me your gamertags and we will soon be meeting online.  yay!

Long time no see...

Hello all. Been some time since we last spoke. During my short leave I have been playing lots of Wii. Needless to say it is pretty awesome and I feel like it was well worth camping out all night on launch night to get one. I've played pretty much all the key launch games and I plan on posting some new reviews shortly. During Christmas I started doing the Gamefly thing. It is pretty sweet, since many of the Wii games I only really wanted to check out and not purchase. Gamespot seems pretty down on the Wii, and I disagree with several of the reviews. I do feel like the Zelda review is about right though. So yeah I guess it is also worth mentioning that the VC is taking lots of my cash. None of the games are really that great either, but it is just getting started. So far my favorite VC games are the TG ones. I've downloaded almost all of those ones. Check reviews to be posted as soon as I stop being lazy.

Good News

Picked up my copy of Okami today. I seriously cannot don't remember being more excited about a game release in recent memory. Cannot wait to fire it up. I usually will start playing a new game and quit before I finish it. I thought this was going to be the case, but I made myself finish Kingdom Hearts 2 last night, before starting Okami. It wasn't as much of a chore as I may have just made it sound, but I had put that game down for several weeks and just last night picked it up again. Awesome game, but not one of Square's best. Story is pretty stupid unless you played the first KH game you may be lost. I think I will write a review of it later this week. As for Okami I will post some impressions after I have spent some serious time with it. It looks like this will hold me over just fine until FF12 ships at the end of next month. About damn time on that game too by the way. I was starting to think it was never going to be released. Also got good news today from Amazon. They really messed up my order for Phoenix Wright, and now I am getting it for free and I will have it on Friday! Yay! I aslo am going to break-down and shell out for Rocket Slime as well. I would have picked up a copy today but alas, I am broke. If you are poor like me and are looking or a good DS game, I would check out Cooking Mama. It is really fun and a great game to show off how AWESOME DS is.



(please enjoy my poor use of the english language and run-on sentences!)

About time!!!

It is so awesome to see the top five stories on Gamespot are all Nintendo related.  Wii Bowling is soon to be the best game EVER!

Rebuilding the Empire.

Went to EB today to continue to work on rebuilding my PS2 collection to its former glory. Picked up Xenosaga, Wild Arms 3, Wild Arms: Alter Code F, Metal Gear 2, Final Fantasy X-2, and Tekken Tag. How much did I spend you ask? Well, under $30 is my answer. With all the next gen systems coming sooner than you think, PS2, X-Box, and Gamecube games are slowly becoming dirt cheap. I got Tekken, Metal Gear and Wild Arms 3 all for about $10. Pretty awesome. I keep pushing off a 360 since there are soooo many current gens games that are sweet and the price is unbeatable.

PS3 note:
$600 is crazy and I am never going to drop that much cash for a first gen Sony product.

Wii note:
I want this console now!!!!!!!
Anyone planning on picking up Zelda for Gamecube? It will be hard to pass on the Wii version, but that fairy that serves as the pointer could be annoying real fast.

360 note:
I want you, but I like Japanese RPGs that will never be available on your system. Don't give me that Blue Dragon speech, I want FF and other Square games! Dead Rising better be the reincarnation of Jesus! Street Fighter 2 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat better work perfectly online as well. Don't mess this up Microsoft. Also the TMNT, Simpsons, and X-Men beat-em-ups better be future games available for download.

DS note:
Final Fantasy III NOW!!!!! Don't mess up Star Fox like you did the Gamecube version! Keep Fox in his ship!

Well this turned out to be a bit longer than I originally planned. Sorry, I'm bored. OK time to

Sorry Gamespot

Its been a hot minute since I've posted on Gamespot. I've been soooo busy with other things that I don't have as much time as I previously had to surf the net. Anyways thought I would post an update to let people know what I have been up to. I recently purchased another PS2 to replace my broken one. I got a great deal on it and have been happy to be playing all the great games I had missed out on during the past several months. Soul Calibur 3 has been getting a lot of attention recently. I can now confess my love of Kingdom Hearts 2. Man, that game is great. I never finished the first game due to the serious camera issues and I can safely report that it has been fixed in the new version. I've also fired up God of War again. That game is just drop dead awesome and a great game to show to people who are new to games. My roommates had never played it so I popped it in to let them see the Hydra. Needless to say, their minds were blown. BOOM! So yeah. I guess that's all I have to say at the moment. Still no 360, but soon. Waiting for more games that I actually want to play.

Andy Scully, Street Fighter 2, and Myself .... Destiny awaits.

Prey Demo, etc...

Just checked out the Prey demo tonight and I cannot say that overall I was too impressed. With as many great FPS games that are already available, I don't see the game's unique features really being a selling point. The wall walking stuff is cool, as are the portals, but I dunno if it is enough to save the game from it's serious AI issues. The graphics are sharp though and the main character has some awesome one-liners. The demo really only lets you get your hands on two different guns and that is really seems to be one of the game's stronger points. The guns look great and are really sweet. Enough about that game though, DS Lite rocks! That is about all I have been playing recently. If Nintendo was as cool as I think they are they would allow the Virtual Console games on the Wii be able to be transfered to the DS for some on-the-go gaming action. It would be a good move by Nintendo and could help them push more DS units. You could buy both the Wii and the DS for about the same price as a 360. Nintendo ... if you know what is good for you .... Make this HAPPEN!

Mario Brother's Super Show

I was at Best Buy today trying to decide what to waste my cash on and I saw the greatest DVD ever!  The Super Mario Brother's Super Show.  This 4 disc set includes all the live-action, Captain Lou Albano, as well as the animated Mario and Zelda cartoons.  AWESOME is the only word that can truly describe this find.  I also picked up a 360 controller for my PC.  It works great on emulators and will hold me over for some time as I wait for the Wii.