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Checking in

Howdy everyone :P Its been nearly 3 years since my last blog post so I figured I'd check in. Things are going pretty well for me. I head back to school September 25th for my Junior year of college, which I'm looking forward to I suppose.

Anywho, hopefully I'll get some comments from my old buds :)

New "weekly" update

Well, considering I haven't done an update in a long time I figured I would tell everyone what’s new with my life. Things are going pretty good, but I've been quite busy recently. I'm a senior this year, and I'm taking 5 AP classes. On top of that, I also have water polo and football which are both kicking my ass.


My birthday is this Sunday and I will be 17 and my parents are giving me a new computer and an ipod. I'm especially looking forward to getting the computer because I have never really been a PC gamer. I mean, I used to play the Sims (don't act like you were never into the Sims games) but besides that, I have really played computer games. Mind you, this hasn't been by choice, the main reason is that my computer is horrible. I mean, my video card is a 32MB S3 Pro Savage......haven't heard of it have you.......well, don't feel bad, neither have I.


I've been slowing down on my video game purchases recently (although I'm sure that when I get my computer that will change). The most recent games that I have bought are Area 51 and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. I really am enjoying both of them. The Incredible Hulk is my favorite out of the two though. It is like Spiderman 2, where you can go wherever you want....but you play the Hulk so you can smash stuff.......ya.....pretty darn cool. I think that I am going to get only one more game for the Xbox and that will most likely be Far Cry Instincts.


So, that is about it. Exciting stuff, I know...but really, I will try and make one of these blogs every week or so instead of going two months without making one like I have been doing recently. 


I am beating a really bad habit

well, I have hundreds of games, but I have beaten less than a quarter of them because I just never finish them, that stops now lol. I have decided that I am going to go through all my old games and beat them all becuase I feel like I am really missing out. A lot of them I have gotten within two or three hours of beating them, that is pretty sad. I have already beaten one of my old games and I plan on finishing another one soon.

Report Card

YAY, I actually got a 4.0 on my report card! It is the first time it has happened it 4 years :D

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