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Time goes by quick ...

The topic is cheesy but its true.I cant beleave Halo 3 is tommarow the time thats gone by was slow but when you acctualy take the time and look back it felt like if it were yesterday.

Well i dont have the time to talk about much but i will give brief things.

I got into the Heros series,Its amazing if you haveint watched it get into it!I finished seasone 1 over the weekend and its really good.Today Seasone 2 begins at 9 in abc or nbc idk.

I have almost 27,000 Gamerscore:D

I was planning on getting Halo 3 at midnight but its pointless because in the morning i have to wake up and go to school ( and i cant miss important day ) and i wont have much time to play it cause i will be so tierd,so im getting it tommarow sometime in the afternoon.( Legendary Edition BTW8) )

Well guys i will most likely talk some other time,Alot of my Gamespot friends haveint been on Gamespot so its kinda pointless for me to come so often

Take care guys and i will talk some other time




P.S Happy Halo Everyone!Hope to see alot of you on Live the 25th:)