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Long time ...

I just had to make a blog post,i cant promise that i'll be back.But i wanted to let everyone know that im fine just takeing off sometime.Also alot of things have been happening to me.Girls,School, and hanging out with my friends.Sure im on task with these things everyday,But im doing it more than ever,Im going to my friends house with like 4 other friends after school everyday almost intil like 7 in the night,then i have girls ( theres a couple that seem's to like me ) and ,And school ive been busy with that,Getting good and bad grades trying but not trying my best,deffinatly trying to break the curse of summer school ( i dont want a 3rd year in a row!! )

Well guys dont have a offical date,but i might write back around Halo's realease

Talking about Halo ...