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Gamefly Member!

Yay im a Gamefly member!Ive been wanting to signup since i saw the commercial a few years back.Always told myself i would but never took the time and did it.Well yesterday i did:D

I rented The Orange Box,Cool game.But not for me.I like all of them.But for some reasoen they all feal the same.I like Team Fortress but theres lag and connection problems.Portal is fun and funny but its short gets me dizzy and alsogets annoying at times.Half Life sucks,i heard alot of talk about this game back in the day I HATE IT dont ask me why but the game has a extremely wierd feal to the whole game from the way it looks,audio,and everything else.

Not the real box cover!But i though it was neat:PIve been wanting to rent this game since it was announced.I rented it threw gamefly yesterday.Now i have to wait intil it gets in my mail.It says Low avalibility but i hope it gets here by this week.


Im sorry ive been of gamespot.Ive felt so lonely around here lately,But i'll explain that in my next blod:wink: