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I had signed up for the Trivia brainbuster thing right...Well i never noitced the scedule!I cant make it.Im in shcool when the thing starts and i cant miss class this week cause i have finals man this sucks.

Well like i had promised here are some pics of my work.

THE photos are to big so i have to just use the url


Those photos are just a couple of glimpse into what i do.Well guys cya!

P.S. i'll make shure to right a blog about the testing on the Halo 3 beta :)


Fresh Fresh

Fresh new look,Thanks to EastEast:DHappy mothers day to everyone.And my plans for today will be Spending some time with my mom:PGame a ittle,and watch the new episodes for The Sopranos and Entorage.There both awesome shows.Well guys have a happy sunday. -Booo

Beta Beta Beta!!

Looks like i'll be getting the Beta Tester emblem considering im testing Halo 3 on May 15th:DI cant wait to play it.I haveint even seen the new Gameplay for the game cause i want it to be a suprize.


Four Rows!

Yay now i have Four Rows of emblems:DWell besides all that im 24:D.Well no video or pictures but i shall leave a Spoiler8)

[spoiler] I will post pics of my work,very very soon:) [/spoiler]


Level 23 ( 100% ) WTF?

Yes i am Level 23 100%..This has never happend to me before.I got kinda suprized when i saw it.Yet i really dont care i just wanted to metntion it and make a title out of it:P

Um well i rented SpiderMan 3,Two words : It Blows

Seriously the camera angles and repetitive'ness drives me crazy.The Graphics meh,Sub-par.The sound Okay,Camera The Worst,Gameplay Repetitive.The story revolves around Bull$hit like Mad Bombers and a bunch of crap that didint even come out on SpiderMan 3 the movie.Game seriously sucks.I'll still stive for a couple of achievements and probably beat the game.But i am not happy on spending $8 on this rental.

Besides that...I got my other scavinator emblem8)Oh and listen to this..My LOTR emblem well they said "I was abuseing the System" I was lie "wtf" wow if i watched 20 min of the show then left it running how can they say im abuseing the system,HOLY $HIT even if i cant get the emblem bac at least fix the glitch.Seriously gamespot has one of the worst rules ever!

Besides that,Theres nothing else to tell.Sometime tommarow i might be posting some of my art work to hear some opinions and thats about it.CYA GUYS!

Dont dare to click the Spoiler it will show you things...Bad bad things..

[spoiler]  [/spoiler]



School is baaaaadddddddd....

School Is Bad therfore i shall stay home today,Guess what i did:D

[spoiler] To bad im bored,But i got to sleep more and watch TV8) [/spoiler]

Im going to find something to do maybe go to the gym build up a little and just Game and maybe get some Achievements.

Im sorta waiting till May 15th ( Halo 3 Beta!!! ) yeaaahhh...


Saturday Morning...

Just woke up,11:35 AM in the Morning.Weather is pretty lame right now so i cant go out and paint.So im staying indoors.What am i planing on doing,Well Game:DI was planning to catch a movie ( Spiderman 3 ) with a couple friends today,But there was a change of plans.Therfore i shall chill here and game with some friends.Watch a couple movies and Surf the Internet for a while,Thats basicly my saturday.

[spoiler] HAVE A FUN WEEKEND ALL8) [/spoiler]


Gamespot Attacks...Again!

Once again Gamespot leaves me in the Dust with there Glitchy website.I have not goten the Lord Of The Rings Marathon emblem.When i had left it running threw my computer till it ended..Yes no suprize.I had a fealing this would happend.Why....well My Scavinator emblem ( the 1st one ) got glitches ( got it back ) the "Pin Up Girl" emblem got glitched ( got it ) and im sick of it..Seriously.True'ly it bothers me but theres nothing i can do about it.The whole delema of this is,that i have the go tell a mod my situation wait 300 Years till they reply then another 4,000 Hours pass then i get the Embelm.Sometimes i wonder why i pay for this site..Wait i love this site.But these minor things get a bit annoying.

 Other than that theres nothing really else to tell..Besides all that enjoy God Of War PSP Video:D