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Well i started getting back into Gears.Well im working on the new Achievements for the game.I already have 3 i need the map ones and THIS IS ANNEX!But that shouldint take me more than a week.I just have to start getting good again:P Alright guys thats all i have to tell for today,Till tommarow PEACE8)





well i can tell i haveint been

Wow i haveint advanced to much in my Leveling up.I could probably be Level 25 ( One of my Favorite Levels:D ) but im obviously slaking Big time.I can tell im getting boreing since not many pepole comment my blogs as they used to cause im obviously showing nothing new and not being around:(Again im sorry.Like i said yesterday Give me this weekend to Refresh my mind into new ideas and ways to fit Gameing and this into my Confuseing life:lol:

Alright guys be back on Monday.......well maybe i write a short blog on Sunday:lol:



Man i love Family Guy:)


Early Morning...

Well i just woke up its 9:30 in the Morning i find it wierd that i woke up this early.Well besides that theres nothing much to tell.I did great on my Math Final 36/40 and in the Final Grade for math it will be -B afterall the tutoring sesions with my teacher werint all that bad.Unfforinatly im going to Summer School for English.The teacher is a complete B.I.T.C.H shes old cranky and doesint give a damn about anyone except  for the kids that Kiss her old ass:lol:But its completely true.I do great on her Quizez and her finals so so but she fails pepole if you dont do her Homework!I figured that out at the last moment for my Stupidity of not paying attention i have to go to summer school!

Besides all that my plans for the weekend are.

Invite some friends over to my house play some Halo 3 Beta and just chill.

Watch some TV shows ive been dieing to see.

Play Knight Online with friends ( MMORPG Game )

And paint a little.

Thats it for today guys:D

P.S. Im almost 50% to 258)


7dfrwadbn;h,q zecnid

Sorry snipe i had to copy your way of writeing a topic.I just put my hand on my keyboard and see what happend i guess  "7dfrwadbn;h,q zecnid" Means something:shock::P

Umm as you can tell im bored,Instead of studying for finals im doing this...Great student huh?Well suprizingly i did good in my History test,I think: ..........:lol:


Bringing back the angry gamer...


That video cracks me up:lol:

Well besides that,I have nothing much to tell.Some of you mite have not noticed but i added a section in my profile talking about the stats i have in my Halo 3 Beta,Unlike i did with the Gears section i wont be updateing too often but everytime i get the chance i deffinatly wiill:D

Well i have Finals all this week and i end school on May 29th!And i leave early everyday 1:158)


H3 Beta!

Halo 3 the sickest thing in the universe i LOVE it!!!!!!!!

[spoiler] Gameing all weekend probably,i'll keep you guys updated around monday or tuesday to let you ppl know how my weekend was:D [/spoiler]


*URGENT Help!!!!!!!

Guys my HP computer is haveing tectinical problems,Everytime i start the computer on a black screen pops up and it says :

Safe Mode

Safe Mode with Networking

Safe Mode with command prompt

Last known good configuration ( Your most Recent settings that worked )

Start windows normally

Okay thats the list bascilyIve tried everysingle one of those choices above.Yet everytime Windows Is done loading ( instead of the User login thing ) a Blue screen will pop up and then it goes back to the same exact black screen from the begging.Please please please this is seriously bad for many reasones.