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WOW!!!!!!! ( caps )

As in WOW i mean it the acctual word not the nickname for the video game.

GOD GAMESPOT IS PISSING ME OFF!!!GOD,I wrote a huge blog it went away,then i wrote it again AND IT WENT AWAY AGAIN!!!

MAN IM MAD,AND my charge cable for my laptop just broke exactly right now,im seriously angry right now,i hope i can buy i new charge cable soon,sorry to write a such a short blog but who knows when the battery will run out!



What peter did to meg is what i feal like doing to my cable and gamespot right now


New Emblems ...and alot more!

Yeah i got new emblems.


Well besides that i haveint been up to much.Mostly everyday things.Ive talked to a couple buddys from school and a couple ladys they all seem to be good but there summer i supposibly boreing and they want to go back to school:lol:

So i might go see Chuck And Lary with a couple of friends.

Besides takeing day'ly risk in doing other activites im already streesed about that so a girlfriend will even bring up more stress witch is the last thing i need because im extremely filled with stress.

I seem to be very excited about many things.My gameing is going awesome even though i haveint goten many achivements on XBL ive been leveling on World Of Warcraft im level 54:DBut im playing on a diffrent server like every monster gives me 1,000 or 3,000 Xperiance instead of getting 50 or 40Xperiance in a regular server.Most people find it like the cheating server,i honestly dont care because i dont have enough time to be such a high level on the regular server.Besides this server is getting fixed on a dayly basis so it might even become a real server:)And im talking with two of my buddys over teamspeak so it pretty fun.

I honestly dont think im addicted to World Of Warcraft ( thank god lol ) even though ido find the game fun i dont play it dayly and i dont play it for too many hours a day.

As for my Graffiti its going great im learninga great controll over what im doing and new color skemes and other things,Guess the 3 years ive been **** had been good and nothing worse besides some bad times but nothing to serious.

days of SUMMER SCHOOL:D:D:DI think that is getting me most happy cant wait till its over!!!!!!

Of course i cant leave a blog without a video ...



Well another lol i cant leave this one:lol:




Sorry for being late ...

Well i haveint been on the Blog for a while now.But i have been extremely active on the Forums.

Well i voted for Cake on that thread so hopefully i get the Cake emblem:Dmmmmmmmmmmmmm cake:P

For the time i was gone ive done alot of gameing.Well now on World Of Warcraft im level 20 rouge:DAnd on Shadowrun im getting closer and closer to alot of achievements.

I barely have nothing to talk about so i will leave you guys with a couple of videos







So randome,so funny:P

hhahahaha i love Family guy hope you enjoyed the videos:)


2 More ...

Hey guys.Well E3 wasint to impressive.It was all okay.I must say Micosoft had the best imo.Halo 3 Trailer was amazing and Killzone 2 lookednice to.

Well i need 2 more emblems to get 4 Rows:D

Well the video page is like freaking out right now,Guess theres no video...Well i might edit this blog and throw a vid later.

Welli need 8 more days of summer school!!!!!!!!!Cant wait till im done with it:D


Transformers ...

Well i went to Sunset aka the mall.

Well i mostly went for my friends birthday his birthday is acctualy today be we celebrated it yesterday.

A couple of my friends went we had a good time and we just messed around and chilled.

As for Transformers,WOW this movie was nothing what i though it would be.Extremely amazing the special effects the sound just everything about it was just insane.

Well besides that i saw Oceans 13 today with a old Girlfriend.Nothing happend were just friends.Ummmmmm nothing else to tell really.

P.S. Remmember E3 guys!





ViD's ...

Well i hope you guys enjoy the videos.I cant really write something to big right now cause im short on time.I will deffinatly tell everyone how Transformers was and everything else.





In the Brotherhood...

Level 25:D

5 more lvl's to go intil i become a Veteran on Gamespot like EastEast:):P

Well somehow my friends convinced me to get World Of Warcraft.

I must say its a wonderfull game.Hopefully it doesint get me addicted as others:PIm already Level 10 and my Charecter is a Orc Rouge,I mostly like the game cause me and my 2 buddys can talk over Team Speak and we talk threw there mess around and LVL are charecters even though there like level 30 already:P

I got 25,000 Gamerscore,happy about that.

Well today ismy friends 15th birthday so him meand a couple of other friends are going tosee Transformers:D





Alot of things to tell...

Hey guys

Wow i just finishedbeating the game.

Its completely amazing the game was really fun and it was extremely crazy and intelligent.

Gamespot deffinatly gived it the correct score.

i did say im going to post some pictures of some pieces ive done here are a couple
^Left over paint lol

Everyone who has Xbox Live has to Download 1800-Magic Video,I haveint laughed so bad in a while.

I tottaly forgot what i was going to talk about but whatever:lol:





1250/1250 Gears Of War...

Like the topic says.I got ALLthe achievements in Gears Of War.Deffinatly no Cake walk.Deffinatly it took alot of time and skill.My stats were truely great in Gears Of War.But i dont even care about the game anymore.The glitches and Host Bullet lag can seriously piss me off.Therfore im officaly done with the game.

Well today i rented teh darkness:D

I tottaly want to play it but i have other things to do before i start playing.

Well very good news occured yesterday ( besides Gears achivements ) i saw the Condemend 2 Screenshots i though this game wasint even going to come out,Obviously they proved me wrong.And im happy about that.Condemend 1 had a brilliant story so im really amped for the sequel.

well i have 2 good videos in store for you guys today. ha ha FY crew is so awesome8)

Well now for the gamespot video


:lol::lol::lol: Hilarious Prank call.


Lameeeeeee blog...

The title explains most of it.I dont have much to tell.Tommarow ( Sunday ) i'll take some time and write a full blog about something.Obviously now im closed minded im kinda thinking about other things so i dont have a open mind to write something good:P

I got my Infamy Documentary today in the mail:D

Im going to watch it right after im done writeing this.I'll write about it tommarow even though ive watched the Movie before.

Umm i call a randome picture:D:D:D



No its not Family Guy:P


I cant wait for GTAIV8)