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Very tierd,going to bed keep you guys posted.

3 days weekend:D:D:D




Oh Yeah?

Well this weekend has been great.

I love the game,And im happy that i bought it.I bought the game Day #1 but didint have Too much time to play it.This weekend i have squeezed alot of juice out.Fighting Big Daddys is my passion,i love to.Its so much fun.If you dont have the money to buy it you deffinatly have to rent it.It cant be missed.

Errr,yeahhh.I never watched 300 in the movies:?So yesterday was a big movie night for me.It was awesome.Wow spectacular movie.Usually i dont go for movies like these.But this movie was done spectacular.Great movie.

And i have been getting DiRTAchivements.I have 930.Im almost done,Today i will probably finish getting the full 1,000.The game was decent but nothing great.It gets boreing quick and it can sometimes get annoying.Deffinatly worth a rent.Not a buy though.Great raceing game.But it didint deliver excatly what i wanted.

If anyone has any idea in what game i should rent let me know cause im renting something this week!

And my Brothers friend lend me The Godfatherand i lend him Shadowrun

So today once i finish getting the DiRT achivements i can maybe get to play The Godfather before my Showairs at 10:00.




Oh no ...

Started school today.It was the same as every year ( I go to a school from Elementary till 12th ) same people a couple left but not my good friends there still there.Same girls,and i still think a couple like me:roll:there not ugly or anything i just dont want a girlfriend at this point in my life.

I bought Bioshock!Amazing game,Whoever has a 360 has to check this game out.

Got a black 360 controller:DIts awesome.

I will post pictures of my broken 360 controller some other time i tierd from school.



This game looks great:DFinally a Arcade Style raceing game ...that doesint suck.


Cyber Lip?

Yay,im a cyber lip:?

Not quite sure what it means:P

Well i have been playing DiRT alot,already have 910 points in the game.When i get the full 1,000 i will tell you guys my thoughts on the game.Well dont have anything to write.

Well i made a Simpson:D

I dont wear shoes like that lol





At it again ...

Im back on Halo 2:|Yeah im that bored.Well getting levels is harder now.Its not like before that you can get to level 31 with decent skill.A level 25 + is already a respected player.Well i have been playing for 3 days and im level 25 in Team Snipers:)And i broke my wireless controller:( ( I will take pictures later ) basicly the joysticks poped and there not working like there supposed to.

So on tuesday im going to a friends house to enjoy the last couple days intil school ( witch starts august 23:cry: ) so after my friends house i will be bassing by Gamestop and getting Bioshockand a Black Wireless controller

K guys,Thats all:)





Quiting the brotherhood ...


Seems like im close to getting away from one of my favorite levels:(

Hopefully 26,27 will go by quick because i hate both of those levels.

Well guys i really dont have much to tell.Im acctualy hanging in the forums alot since many of my Buddys on Gamespot,because there all takeing breaks.Either way im makeing this for the people who are still atending:)




Video ...



Yes nothing more,Im extremely bored recently started plating DiRT let you guys know about it another time.


Resistance,And videos ...

The title explains most of it.

Well as most of you know,Im getting bored with my 360 simply because i have no games to play on it right now.Im waiting for [spoiler] [/spoiler]

So intil then ( August 21 ) i will keep playing Reistance and surf the forums here on Gamespot:D

So what have i done new in Reistance Fall Of Man?Well i found a Signature Generator on and here its is8)

I guess im okay:PIm mostly proud of my Wins though:DClan SpEcOpSOWNS!:D

Well i got 4,000 Profile Views:DAint much compared to others though *Cough* EastEast *Cough* :lol: :P

So here are some Gamespot Videos and some Youtube videos ENJOY:)


OMG its so randome:lol:


Man i love the song and the video,hopefully you enjoyed that one:)

Yes Another Graffiti Video,You dont like it...Dont click it.:P

A peice of graffiti history,JA is a famous graffiti artist well known for all of his throwups around New York City and other places in the world.


Possibly the funnyest thing i have seen today:lol::lol:


Officaly Back

Nothing to talk about,i will keep you guys posted if anything.See you guys tommarow for a longer blog:D





4,000!And More ...

Well to start off with i got 4,000 Post finally!Though this is very old news.Mostly because i was supposed to mentione this in the other blog that got erased,oh well:roll:

I finally Finished SUMMER SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D

Im so happy about that,now i can finally wake up at anytime and go anywhere without worrying about the next day.Man thats alot of weight lifted off.

Today is Thursday Afternoon i dont have much plans but i do have some things in mind.

To start off with im going to surf gamespot for a while and Youtube.

Then probably play Reistance Fall Of Man.

Im starting to get the feal to the game,I cant really play that much because my brother is usally playing,i mostly play when he is not in the house.My new PS Network Tag is : STOMP_DOWN, so add it if you have PS3 online,So my other Network Tag is : KRiiZ, thats for other games though.

Even though i dont watch G4TV all to much i did find a show that i like alot!CODE MONKEYS:D

Not only this show is funny but it shows things that other shows wouldint.Very original and funny looking.Deffinatly a reasone to tune in to G4 now.So if you have G4 and you haveint watched this show yet,your missing out!Tune in on Wensday's at 9:00 to see new episodes.The show repeats almost everyday of the week ( i think )

Well im sorta excited for sunday mostly to watch my favorite show on TV

Again this is another great show its on HBO very funny,This is not a new tv show though.Its been out for a while so most of you have probably heard of it.Ive been a fan of it since it came out 2 years ago.Every Sunday at 10:30 they show a new episode.Last episode made me laugh alot,Really funny.The show is genius.So rent the seasones at Blockbuster or any rental store and get into this show,you will laugh ALOT:D

Well Xbox360 is pissing me off lately,Shadowrun isint fun anymore almost nobody plays anymore.It lags and its getting boreing.So now i have no idea what i should buy or rent for my Xbox so please sujest me things!Though the Demos are keeping me entertained,for now:|

One thing i fell in love with was this little thing

I absoulutely love it:DIt so sleek looking and its wonderfull,And its a very good item for the often Texter ( me me me:D ) :lol:And it cost $30 so its not a rip-off in my opinion.Deffinatly going to pick it up.

Yesterday i watched The Zodiac ...

Man this movie is genius.Suprizingly its based on true case files.To make the story short,its this very intelligant man that kills people he has killed over a Dozen and he started since 1969 and there yet to figure out who The Zodiac is up to this day.If i have to score the movie,deffinatly a 9.0:DRent this!

Well thats all for today!