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Games Im Buying In 06! *UPDATE* I got Total Access!

UPDATE!! I got Total Access it tottaly sweet:D:D:D


Im going to buy a tottal of 7 games let me know witch ones are good,rent,buy,garbage,awesome,Must have, Etc.

 Forza 2

 Need For Speed Carbon.

 Tony Hawks Project 8

 Rainbow Six Las Vegas.

 Saints Row. GOT IT:D

 Gears Of War. GOT IT:D

 Splinter Cell Double Agent. GOT IT:D

$60 x 7 = $420 someting.I find all of these games a MUST buy!Let me know if these are good selecthions and witch ones your going to acctualy buy:)

Comcast HD.

I recently had comcast ( about 3 years ago ) but recently i got a brand new TV ( Samsung 32 Inch Hdtv 720p and 1080i ) so i decided to call Comcast and get Comcast HD.I gatta say its really nice.Before i had a ugly black box now i have a nice silver box ( the one above ) and i got a brand new remote.Now i figures out not only i got HD but i have On Demand witch its the best thing since Sliced bread.I can watch any show whenever i want fast foward rewind pause record ETC.Its really neat and really handy.I can also watch shows on Hbo that i missed such as The Sopranos and then watch it whenever i want On Demand.Now i have a bunch of new channels because i have HD and its awesome.This is to good to be true:D

Im so damn excited!!!

Well im done with Summer School In 3 days:DI seriously cant wait to game for 3 weeks non stop before school starts.My mini summer vacathion plans would be Going to the Gym,Gameing,Eating,Sleeping,Tv,Movies.Im just going to relax before i start school again:cry:And the saints row demo is comeing out the 1st of aug8) <----------H3 FACEPLATE From rumors i hope its real cause its incredible sweet!

Celebrity Deathmatch.

Sport and event coverage re-defined! Today's hottest celebrities are pitted against each other in no-holds-barred fantasy fights complete with pre- and post-battle activities, one-on-one interviews, press conferences and behind-the-scenes locker room moments that parody the worlds of film, television, music and politics. Announcers Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond offer commentary and play-by-play coverage while legendary referee Mills Lane presides over the Celebrity Deathmatch.To make the long story short its a funny/cool show check it out sometime on Mtv2 around 10:00'ish

.Ping Pong.

I just rented Rockstar:Tabel Tennis.Its a very addicting online game but offline is lacks BIG TIME.There is not even a carrer mode in this game.But the online is MAD fun.If your playing online with a buddy and its FUN but if your going up with a complete stranger your going to most likey get your @$$ kicked and be boared as $hiT because they rarely talk.Great game just not for everyone.

5/25/06.......One of the best days!!

Okay guys on 5/25/06 it was the last day of school.It was raining really BADDD!!!!And that day me and a couple of buddys were planing to burn are books obviusly we couldint because of the rain.So we went to one of my buddys grandmas house to think what we are going to do.Then it hit us Lets play baseball with the BOOKS!!So we ditched grandmas house and walked all the way to his dads house then we got a baseball bat and started throwing the books at each other and hiting them spiting at them and kicking them intil they die!So after 45 minites of pure crazynezz in the rain there was blue ink and paper all over the backyard!And we were cold as **** because it was raining really bad!So we took turns cleaning the place up so his other grandma wouldint **** at us.And then when we got bored we got cokes and hit them to.and we got wet all over again.We had so much fun we decided to do that every year intil we graduate.Luckaly we didint get sick or bitend by this big rat we saw in his yard lol ( no lie )

*CRIES* i didint exactly finish school cause in 2 weeks i have to go to summer school for math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hopefully my mom could talk with the principle of the school ( ms.brito ) and she will let me slide for this year.
P.S i hope my 2nd grade spelling didint bother you lol.