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Sweet ...

No summer school!

Thank god,finally im going to have a summer ( its been 2 years since ive acctualy had one )

Also i finished Grand Theft Auto 4,great game.Cant wait for the next one.

Also i picked up Metal Gear Solid 4.Never been into metal gear and never really bought a metal gear game,but this game blows me away besides the nice graphics the story is what has me addicted,really fun game.

Also i got a new hp desktop for my b-day,really nice 19 inch monitor dual procceser 3GB ram,So that means i'll be on gamespot once in a while.


Off the blog for who knows how long ...

I dont know how long i will be off the blog.I mean im barely on Gamespot anymore.Seems like all my buddys here vanished or is takeing a extremely big break.I hardly get anymore comments on blogs.The only thing thats keeping me back here is the new games and to check if theres any new blog post to comment.But Gamespot has changed a lot.Im planing on going back into the Forums like i did way back.I dont have much of a reason to keep doing blogs nobody is looking at them.

Gamefly Member!

Yay im a Gamefly member!Ive been wanting to signup since i saw the commercial a few years back.Always told myself i would but never took the time and did it.Well yesterday i did:D

I rented The Orange Box,Cool game.But not for me.I like all of them.But for some reasoen they all feal the same.I like Team Fortress but theres lag and connection problems.Portal is fun and funny but its short gets me dizzy and alsogets annoying at times.Half Life sucks,i heard alot of talk about this game back in the day I HATE IT dont ask me why but the game has a extremely wierd feal to the whole game from the way it looks,audio,and everything else.

Not the real box cover!But i though it was neat:PIve been wanting to rent this game since it was announced.I rented it threw gamefly yesterday.Now i have to wait intil it gets in my mail.It says Low avalibility but i hope it gets here by this week.


Im sorry ive been of gamespot.Ive felt so lonely around here lately,But i'll explain that in my next blod:wink:




sheng long?

who comes up with the names for the levels in gamespot,seriously there so dumb.

Well at least im 27 now.

Im busy so no video bwahahahhahaha:P


Halo ...

Wow im level 44 in Halo 3,Im a Captain.Ive only been playing Lone Wolfs mainly because i love FFA and it proves more skill and some of my Friends on XBL have had problems and cant play,So basicly im trying to get a good rank in FFA and wait for my buddys to play Team Slayer.

School has been going waaaayyy better than last year,didint get not 1 failing notice:DAnd doing pretty damn good on Quizes.

Dexter was amazing on Sunday very very good loved it.

Heroes on monday was good but i just want Peter to open the damn box already!!





Halo 3 1000/1000


It wasint that difficult at most i give it a 3from a scale from 1 - 5 ( Difficulty Scale btw )

I really dont have much to tell.Ive been playing Alot of Halo.Gamespot couldint be any worse.Hopefully it can attract me as much as it did before.

Im almost level 27:)

Well today i stoped to write this and im probably going to watch

Very good show if you have Showtime you should deffinatly watch it,Seasone 2 just started but who cares they have alot of Flashbacks from Seasone 1.

The show Airs Sundays at 9:00 at night,On showtime.





First to find !

First to Find!Halo 3 Campagin.Should i be proud:?:lol:Yeah its basicly the guy thats on the picture and its hopping up and down,very strange indeed,Its extremely hard to get to that spot.I couldint recored it threw the movie editing in Halo:(But at least i got the screenshot:D:D:D


First thing on my mind was,OMFG WTF,And then i laughed.

And if you haveint figured out im ABSOULUTE ICEE and Rippin is a friend that found it with me.




Back so soon?

Well i just had to write a blog before i play Halo.

I beat Legendary yesterday in under 9 hours,I loved the campagin and it was alot of fun.

It wasint to difficult i did a couple levels with 1 extrabuddy and a couple other levels with 2 people.

For the people who are dissapointed with the ending,WATCH THE END OF THE CREDITS.It will give you hope.

Wanna watch it?

[spoiler] CLICK [/spoiler]

I currently have 685 points in Halo 3 hopefully over the weekend i can get 1000/1000





Time goes by quick ...

The topic is cheesy but its true.I cant beleave Halo 3 is tommarow the time thats gone by was slow but when you acctualy take the time and look back it felt like if it were yesterday.

Well i dont have the time to talk about much but i will give brief things.

I got into the Heros series,Its amazing if you haveint watched it get into it!I finished seasone 1 over the weekend and its really good.Today Seasone 2 begins at 9 in abc or nbc idk.

I have almost 27,000 Gamerscore:D

I was planning on getting Halo 3 at midnight but its pointless because in the morning i have to wake up and go to school ( and i cant miss important day ) and i wont have much time to play it cause i will be so tierd,so im getting it tommarow sometime in the afternoon.( Legendary Edition BTW8) )

Well guys i will most likely talk some other time,Alot of my Gamespot friends haveint been on Gamespot so its kinda pointless for me to come so often

Take care guys and i will talk some other time




P.S Happy Halo Everyone!Hope to see alot of you on Live the 25th:)

Long time ...

I just had to make a blog post,i cant promise that i'll be back.But i wanted to let everyone know that im fine just takeing off sometime.Also alot of things have been happening to me.Girls,School, and hanging out with my friends.Sure im on task with these things everyday,But im doing it more than ever,Im going to my friends house with like 4 other friends after school everyday almost intil like 7 in the night,then i have girls ( theres a couple that seem's to like me ) and ,And school ive been busy with that,Getting good and bad grades trying but not trying my best,deffinatly trying to break the curse of summer school ( i dont want a 3rd year in a row!! )

Well guys dont have a offical date,but i might write back around Halo's realease

Talking about Halo ...