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My top 9 least favourite Ace Attorney cases

Having just finished the lattest entry in this glorious franchise, I thought it would be interesting to do a blog about it. However, I thought a list of the best cases would be not as interesting, so here are the cases I like the least in the series. Keep in mind, I don't dislike all these chapters, but I just find them the weakest.

9 - The Monstruos Turnabout (5-2) from Dual Destinies: while I like seeing Apollo and Athena work together, this was quite a confusing case. Now, almost all the cases in the series have really far off logic and scenarious, but this one lost my interest after a certain point. It still have enjoyable moments, but it is quite a mess after a while.

8 - Recipe for Turnabout (3-3) from Trials and Tribulations: here is a case I quite like actually. Many parts of it are very fun. But the problem I have is that it pales in comparisson with the previous cases from this game, and the set up of having the villain mistaken for Wright is just insulting to the character. A fun case, but on a fantastic like this on, it stand as the weakest.

7 - Turnabout Airlines (AI-2) from Investigations: the setup is kind of cool, but I just couldn't really bring myself to care too much at what was happening. I don't care for the villain, the supporting cast, but Edgeworth makes this case fun to play, and it first paints the scene for the big scheme on this game. It is an alright, but unmemorable case.

6 - The First Turnabout (1-1) from Ace Attorney: it may seem weird to put the very first case, but it here just because of that - not a lot happens. It is perfectly fine for introducing new players, and it is fun to replay and beat it in under twenty minutes, but its simplicity holds it back a bit.

5 - Turnabout Sisters (1-2) from Ace Attorney: this will probably piss off a lot of people, but I have never cared for this case. I found it devastating to lose Mia, no doubt, but this case follows a trope that the first game follows in every case but the first: a big, bad powerfull bad guy who says you'll never catch them, but then you end up beating them real easy. And this one is the biggest culprit, also for having a not very interesting villain, unlike the great cases that follow this one. Again, the story is not bad, but pales in comparisson to the next cases of this game.

4 - Turnabout Serenade (4-3) from Apollo Justice: fun fact - I actually did really like this case once. However, looking deep and with a newer look, it is very silly and idiotic. The main premisse of a kid using a really powerfull gun that could permanently damage the user is just ludacris, and the situations are really, really over the top. It has memorable moments, and if you suspend your disbelief it can be alright, but don't think about it too much, it just doesn't work.

3 - Turnabout Corner (4-2) from Apollo Justice: unlike 4-3, I never liked this case. I think the defendant here is the main problem, he is just too unlikeable. And the villain just feels like a Dahlia 2.0, but not as interesting. It is at times boring, and never really surprises you.

2 - The Lost Turnabout (2-1) from Justice for All: this is my least favourite game in the series, and it starts off really poorly. The premise of Nick losing his memory is already stupid, but add a terrible villain and scenarious that are literally medically impossible, and you have a terrible case.

1 - Turnabout Big Top (2-3) from Justice for All: although I think 2-1 is stupider in its premise, this case fails on its excecution almost entirely. It gives you a massive cast of unlikeable and unmemorable characters, a far-fetched scenario, and it is just a chore to get through. The villain is not the worst, in fact he is probably one of the most sympathetic, but everything else is just clunky and annoying.

I may write a blog next time about my favourites, to get the good memories back.

Why do you do this to me GS? (mini-rant)

I don't get it. Since when does making the site uglier and more contrived makes it better? GameSpot already went through a major visual overhault not too long ago, and now this? I only write reviews here because I thought it was the website that had the best comunity and the best availability for my writings. But as time goes on, it seems as if GS just want to get rid of its user content. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to write my reviews anymore, everything is cluncky as hell. I don't like this new design, I just wish they would stop trying to fix something that is not broken.

Mega Man X8 review

Here is my re-review of Mega Man X8, which I would not be surprise if it ended up being one of my most unpopular reviews. Still, I have played this game many, many times, and I just cannot bring myself to enjoy it.

Silent Hill Downpour review (plus, a comparission on the westers SH games)

Here is my review for the latest console game in the Silent Hill series. Such a dificult time with reviewing this one, and I may have come across as a bit too negative in the review, but honestly, I still don't know quite sure how to feel about this one.

For comparisson sake, I had myself thinking: which game would I rather revisit: Downpour or Homecoming? Well, both where games I enjoyed to an extent, but both also annoyed me in more ways than necessary. Homecoming is still the least scary game in the series, and has a protagonist that is way too well suited for combat, making is a bit too easy. Downpour has the worst combat in the series, it's just so clunky and annoying to be mobbed by enemies. But both games also had some very positive aspects. Homecoming's story is really fantastic, and Downpour has the best puzzles in the series in a while.

I guess, in the end, I was more so disapointed with Downpour. I play Silent Hill games for the story more than anything, and the story of that game just didn't really hook me that much. Everyone being a jackas$ to Murphy and not telling him anything was just a pain to sit through, and it just takes so long for the reveals and something to happen. Sure, there were many aspects of it that I enjoyed, but as a whole, it felt lackluster with what came before. Homecoming I knew a bit more with what to expect in the gameplay departament, and the story satisfied me. Funny thing is, I was really digging the game on the begining, but it just stared going worse and, by the end, I just wanted it to end. I guess I'd rather play the first half (or even 2/3) of Downpour, but by the end, I just wanted the game to end.

On objective terms, Downpour is possibly my least favourite Silent Hill game (keep in mind I have to yet played Book of Memories). Well, that is not true: I despise the HD collection more than anything, but for an original game, it's probably Downpour. Origins is still the worst in terms of story, but the gameplay is more confortable to me there, and there is simply no comparing with Shattered Memories, which had the best story since 3, despite lacking in the gameplay departament.

After this, how would I rank the series? I guess it would be: 3, 2, Shattered Memories, 1, 4, Origins, Homecoming, Downpour. Again, Homecoming and Downpour are essetially interchangable, since I like the story better in the first, but the gameplay better in the second. Alas, only time will tell if I will go back to this game, but for now, I was disapointed and tired by the end of Downpour, and those are the feeling that have stuck to me for now

Bioshock review

After way too long without writting anything, here it is my re-written review of Bioshock. Originaly, I didn't like the game that much , but more than anything, it was my own fault for playing the game poorly the first time. Now, being more skillful, I could enjoy the game to its full potential.

L.A. Noire review

I am just going to shut my mouth up and review what ever comes to mind next at this point. So, here is my review for L.A. Noire.

Next review: This is the last time I'm going to say it, since I have played the game enough to the point I want to talk about it. After that I really don't know. It will be Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS)

Silent Hill HD Collection review

Here is my review for the biggest disapointment of 2012 for me, the Silent Hill HD Collection.

Next time: Now, after review this collection, I still don't know if I want to rewrite my reviews for Silent Hill 2 and 3, or start review some Mega Man games.

Kirby's Dream Land 2 review

For my review of Kirby's Dream Land 2, click here.

Next review: I'm not sure if I want to get to Mega Man already, or I if I want to take a beating on the Silent Hill HD Collection (PS3) or even re-review some of the old Silent Hill reviews, mostly 3.