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I am appauled by the service I have recieved from xbox support. There have been many blogs and forum posts across the web in regards to issues people have had with their arcade consoles and the recent title update. I was one of the unlucky few that has had their console corrupted by the update. After hours of telephone conversations trouble shooting with them they have come to the conclusion that they arn't going to do anything about it. The only option i have is to pay 80 pounds for a repair or buy a new one. I will be reporting this to trading standards as I have been scammed in such a bad way it disgusts me. Below is the letter I sent to them.

To whom this may concern,

I would like to place an official complaint in response to the service given in result of an update from yourselves that has permanently damaged my console. I recieved a xbox dashboard update about 2 weeks ago now. Since downloading this update my console speradicly loads discs and wont load my modern warfare 2 disc at all. My console completley freezes when my girlfriend tries to sign in to her account when attempting to play gears 2 together. If I load her gamertag on the dashboard and then load the game, once the epic logo comes up the wholes console freezes. My young daughters non xbox live account and a friends has been deleted from my system, and the console freezes during gameplay, alot.

I must say that I have owned my console since 2008 and have never had any issues with it at all. It was working fine the day before my update. But as soon as the update was applied all these issues have begun.

When I contacted Xbox support today I was asked to go through a series of tests with the settings (clear cache), and remove hard drive. Neither of these steps have solved the issue which has only left the fact that your update has damaged my console. The soloution offered by your rep was to pay either 79 pounds or 64 pounds to get it serviced or repaired. Or by a new one!

This is completley outragous! Why should I have to pay to fix something that I didn't even break in the first place. The error lies with microsoft for sending me an update which has in turn damaged my console in some way.

When I had issues with my out of warranty PS3 last year (down to no fault of my own), a replacement console was on my door step within 3 days AT NO CHARGE.

I would be appriciative if you can sort this disaster out as soon as possible. If you tell me the same dribble i have already heard I will be on the phone to trading standards first thing monday morning, the press, and every forum on this side of the hemisphere. You can't honestly expect a consumer to pay for something that has been caused by yourself? Surley you can see that this is wrong on so many levels.

I might just give up gaming after going through all this. Just thought you guys should be aware of the service that awaits you if you get issues that are out of your control.