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Going to America was probably the best experience I've had yet, well, that and beating expert mode on Guitar Hero 2. It could have gone terribly wrong all from the beginning after a sniffer dog at Orlando International Airport stuck its nose in my bag. Fortunately all there was to find were toffees, so i guess all that sniffing just gave him a small case of the munchies. Oh, before i go on just one more thing, don't let anyone tell you that 9 hour flights are fun, because there not.

The one thing that i really noticed different from England was the heat, which at ninety degrees was a struggle but thanks to in-car air conditioning i was cool for at least 30mins of the day. Driving on the opposite side of the road took a little while to get used to, and being able to turn right on a red light was very strange.

The food was to say the least absolutely awesome. I went for breakfast on the first day and asked for bacon and eggs. I got bacon, eggs, hash browns, tomatoes, sausage, toast, 4 pancakes and a litre of orange juice. words can't really describe how i felt when that lot landed in front of me, or how i felt after i had eaten it. The one thing i can say is that you haven't tried pancakes until you go to America, they were awesome.

During the holiday we went to most of the attractions it had to offer. Magic Kingdom was magical in every way. As i walked through the gates i suddenly realised i had become 8 years old again, and the fireworks in the evening were just unbelievable. I personally starred in the Indiana Jones show as an Arabian extra at MGM Studios, and got to play my own death scene which was fun. We got to see loads of animals at Animal Kingdom and even got the chance to throw up my lunch after taking on expedition everest. Tasting foods from all over the world was interesting and disgusting at the same time at Epcot, and Helen Degeneres energy show was interesting.

Downtown Disney was really good as well, with loads of stuff to do. There was ample shops with all sorts of themed knick knacks, and boats to hire out in the lake. However if you go to Downtown Disney the place to go is Disney Quest. In here is five floors of arcades all on free play mode. on some of the games like Mario Kart GP, there are eight machines which you line up for a wicked multiplayer experience. A cool touch was having the monitors above the machines showing the facial expressionsof the players.

One of the most amazing things though was seeing Shamu the killer whale at Seaworld. It was the first time I had seen them and it's an experience im never gonna forget.The best place to go for roller-coasters we saved until our last day. Busch Gardens was well worth waiting for. However the animal side of it wasn't as good as i was hoping for. The best roller in the park was Sheikra, which takes you up 200ft and then drops you vertically 90 degrees straight down. By this point of the holiday i was starting to go a nice golden colour, but when I'd got off this ride i was as white as a bed sheet.

We did loads more but for me to write it all down would mean writing a novel, so i just thought a few highlights would do. Oh one more thing i almost forgot. While i was out there i got bit by a snake in our pool. Spent the night in celebrations hospital with a drip in my arm, that wasn't much fun but it non-poisonous so its all good.