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Establishing battlefield control......Standby.

Hey guys, long time no writing?? does that work?.....anyway.

Not been on hardly at all due to finding a gaming addiction in the form of command and conquer: tiberian sun online. I have probably spent more hours playing this game than i did with the N64 classic goldeneye. I have also founded my own clan the 'fury fighters', and now have about 14 members.

Please if any of you play command and conquer TS online, then let me know and il give ya a game, and if your not in a clan then mabye you can tryout?

The ankle is a lot better, the pain comes and goes but overall im doing fine.

I've been playing my ds like a madman, as well when TS isn't in the driving seat. I'm waiting for my wi-fi adaptor to arrive from mail order so i can take that online as well.

Anyway im off, speak to you guys in the forums again shortly k.