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Well, kinda. It seems like I've been spending less and less time on this site, and for good reason honestly, so why not make it official. However, I'm not leaving 100% but maybe a good 85- 90% leaving. I'll still post in unions occasionally, comment on blogs, and sometimes post blogs if I really need you guys,and girls, help. So thank you all for the help and fun times you've given me in the past, it has helped me through a few really tough times. See ya! :)

Today's my 16th Birthday

Yeah I'm finally 16 :D :D :D. Toaday my friends decorated my locker at school and a few of them gave me cards and my Chris Brown friend gave me a t-shirt. I'm not doing anything too big just going to dinner Saturday with my friends and having friends over my house on Sunday. I'll update you guys later and have fun everyone :D

P.S I know I'm not getting a car

My 1 Year Anniversary

On February 3, 2007, I had finally been able to make my Gamespot account. Then reason I say finaally is because I had tried to make an account for years but the link didn't work but for some reason. Anyway, it's a celebration :P.

But first here is a little bit more about me

Favorite color: Green

Favorite shows: Martin

martin_complete_first_season.jpg martin image by gianuhhh

Fresh Prince

fresh_prince.jpg Fresh Prince image by shiv1089

Dragonball Z

dragonball_z.jpg Dragonball Z 3 image by glen69

Flavor of Love

flavor_of_love_logo.jpg flavor image by tere_pxndx

Chappelle's Show

200px-Chappelles_Show.jpg dave image by maxamillion992

Favorite Music Genre(s): R&B, Hip Hop

Favorite Music Artists: Ciara

ciarablack.jpg picture by bmoreangel220


beyonce-2.jpg picture by bmoreangel220

Nas, Jay-Z

JayNasArtofwarconcert.jpg picture by bmoreangel220

Tupac Shakur

2pac.jpg 2pac image by makdaddy53

and Alicia Keys

Sibling(s): 1 older brother

Age: 15 but 16 in less than 3 weeks (yay)

First Union: The DBZ Anime Union

Moderation(s)/Suspension(s): 1/1

Blog updates:

- My Chris Brown obsessed friend is still obsessed with Chris Brown. Although she hasn't sniffed any other autographs that know of :P.

- My other firend who was called a snitch is doing much better. Her "reputation" is now back to the way it used to be.

- I had to confront the girl who called the group of kids the n-word. I must admit that I kind of lost my temper which is not like me at all. She tried to defend what she said by saying that she has black friends, and that she didn't understand why we could use it but she couldn't :roll: blah,blah, blah. She did apologize but for some reason I honestly don't believe her. I think she'll say something like that again just because she constantly speaks on impulse and doesn't worry about consequences or others' feelings.

-On a happier note sophomore year is ok. Kinda boring but it's school. Currently I'm doing very well. I've gotten the first A in math since the fourth grade. And I have A's in everything except Chemistry and History (which I only missed by 1 point)

And now that all that is out of the way let's party! lol

My 5 favorite movies

Just because I'm bored and in no particular order

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Kill_Bill.jpg picture by bmoreangel220

New Jack City

newjack.jpg new jack city image by cajones808


goodfellas.jpg picture by bmoreangel220

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

anchorman.jpg picture by bmoreangel220


poster.jpg picture by bmoreangel220

What are some of your favorite movies?

Christmas/ New Year Blog

I know I'm late and sorry but...

This year Christmas was great. I got so much stuff like

Games: Xbox 360 (we haven't set up Xbox Live yet),Nintendo DS, Assassin's Creed,Wario Ware Smooth Moves, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Nintendogs, Brain Age 2, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

DVDs: DBZ Seasons 1-3, Anchorman, Fresh Prince Seasons 1-4, Martin Season 2, Napoleon Dynamite, The best of Will Ferrell on SNL, Blades of Glory

Other: Zune and some stuff for my Wii so I'll be online soon

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

And this upcoming Christmas I'm going to get my parents so much stuff to repay them for the sacrifice and because they're great parents


I have some resolutions for this year:

Get a job, get my license, get better grades, stop eating so much chocolate and to get in better shape and to stop procrastinating

Do you all have any resolutions for this year?

Celebrity Obsession

Honestly it's a bit moreof areflection on my friend'sChris Brown obsession but I view celebrity obsession as a wholeuseless.Maybe I'm the weird one for notbeing in lovesomeone I don't even know and I may never even meet :roll: but I doubt that.

Anyway, I saw him in concert Sunday and these girls were going crazy like he was the second coming of Christ (or first depending on what you believe). Now any of you who know how teenage girls can be about a cute male entertainer have a pretty good idea of what I was around.After the concert, my friend had us wait out near his tour bus until 1 in the morning and he didn't even come out to meet anyone. Not only that but during the two hour plus wait, the workers were being very rude to us. The security guard for the arena constantly cursed at us, and his cousin and backup dancers were being smart-asses. But even after that my friend still loves him, as for me I'm not so sure. At least he signed her hat and button.

Back to the original subject. She sniffed the signature on the button and said it smelled like his hand :|. Not only doesthat take it a bit too far but he's a big star and I have a good feeling of where hishands have been :?. I mean it's great to like a celebrity and nice to even have a crush on any of them but when you obsess over them it's ridiculous. What we seem to forget is that they are people just like us, not some divine entity especially made for all mankind. But if you do have a bit of aliking for a celebrity there's nothing wrong with that but don't take it too far.

Back from suspension and answering your questions

Now that I'm back,I can finally answer your questions:)

Worthyofnote asked: What do you think of the socio-economical....just kidding. How have you been doing as of late?

I'm fine I've been better but I'm fine. :)

RiotAbandonment asked: Are your truly madly deeply in love with somone right now?

Yes, myself :lol: just kidding. No I'm not

Rasengan_X asked: Do you like kitties and king sized hotdogs?

Kitties are cute, never had a king sized hot dog

Blackberry_Girl asked: Do you play any sports?
What are you favorite TV shows?

No, I don't now but I might try tennis in the summer

My top 5 are Martin, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Family Guy, Spongebob Squarepants :oops: , and Dragonball Z

Hallenbeck_77 asked: What other things do you enjoy doing besides posting on Gamespot?

I like hanging out with my friends and I playing video games (I know boring :P)

Telvisnostic asked: What is it that you want that you know you might never get?

I want my family to stop treating me like a baby

RYAN_CHRIST asked: Do you like SKITTLES?


Backfromdagrave asked: How bout SOUR SKITTLES?

Surprisingly they're ok

Supergohan1 asked: How many blogs are you planning to make, up until you reach level 20?

I don't know only this 1 until I reach it and maybe about 3 or 4 when I'm there

MarkedByAshes asked: Your thoughts on the holiday slam of new releases, shortage of gaming consoles, and the air speed velocity of an unlaiden swallow (African or European)?

I like all the new releases. The more the better :D

Sounds stupid considering there are tons of new games coming out and they could make more money.

Uhhhh... :? I don't know

Gfile asked: What is the size of your shoes?


Ibiza563 asked: if you could stay anywhere in teh world where would you wna stay? and i love your avatar also!

I would stay in Tokyo just because it looks like a lot of fun.

Thanks it's Pocahontas :)

Mangafreak15 asked: What's your least favorite movie of all time?

Hmmm, that's tough but I love Anchorman just because it's hilarious. BTW sorry I put my blog in white the first time. Sometimes I forget that Gamespot and are connected :oops:

Trystkl1826 asked: How does gaming add to the quality of your day?

It makes my day a lot more fun but it makes my day feel shorter though

YoungGun13 asked: ummm... u ever been in The Wire?

No, but I know a few people who have had small roles

The_Ish wrote: And thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it.

You are very welcome. Anytime I think I can help someoneout I will :)

Crzy_gurl asked: hmmm how old are you? And since you asked me, I'll ask you the same...if you could be any famous man for a day who would it be? And why?


I'd be Jay-Z just because he is one of the most respected artists not just in hip hop but in music period.

Gamah_Killah asked: So how did you find me?

I think you were on someone else's page and I recognized your avatar. I voted for your BTW

Mimsoo asked: What kind of guy do you think i am? Err... please forget about the Virtual Union incidents...

I think you're the type of person who likes to play around a lot. Sometimes you take it too far but it's fine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I said I would answer your questions in the next blog but Thanksgiving is here and I still want to some of my friends more time to ask questions. Have fun today everyone :)

Snitching or not?

Not too long ago a friend of mine had her phone stolen while we were in school. Another friend of mine saw who took it. So she goes to the administrator and tells him whodid itafter a few days. This all happened a while ago and he just got suspended and in my school theft is up for expulsion. So now people are saying how much they miss him and writing "Free (I won't write his name)" on the chalkboards in rooms. While my friend is being called a "snitch" and a "rat". The weird thing is that my friend who had her phone taken has "friends" who knew he did it but didn't say anything since they didn't want him to be mad at them.

My thoughts

To me real snitching involves illegal activity such as drug deals or murders and the consequences for thatare fatal. This on the other hand is looking out for someone when you would want them to do the same for you. My friend who is being called a snitch was going insane after she heard not only because of what they were saying but that the person who had told everyone that she said something was supposed to be one of her closest friends. She is not a passive kind of person she will beat all of their asses if it goes on and I don't want her to get kicked out for the actions of a few people. The guy who did it isn't even a good person but he has a large following. All he does is talk sh*t about everyone even a boy with autism but sadly those are the kind of people who seem to be the most popular.

The thing I find the most messed up is that after all that my friend has done for her other "friends" wouldn't tell her or anyone else anything about the phone, they were even playing along with him. She had given them so many answers on tests and homework that they passed last year with damn near straight A's (I'm not exaggerating) some even got pushed up to higher cla$$e$ because of her. The least they could have done for her was try to convince him to leave her alone

This is all just asmall situation that just keeps growing and growing. Now I want to ask you guys was my friend a snitch? Just want to see what you think.

I apologize for writing such a long blog esp. since I don't like reading them any other time.

New Notebook

And I'm not talking about loose-leaf paper :P. As of yesterday I am the owner of a new Dell Inspiron Notebook (yay). I've been using my borther anf my father's notebook for the past few years and there is something wrong with both of them from no sound to slow as ever. I've been waiting for it since August so I'm even more excited about having it.

Here it goes

Another thing is that it seems like I've been on GS just as much since school started as I was over the summer so when I said in the last blog thatI might not be on as much since school started it seems like I couldn't stop myself :oops:

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