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Home soon

I have two weeks of exams and then I'm done with my first year of college. I'm working and taking a class when I get home but I still assume that I'll have a lot of free time, so maybe a video game or two might be cool. I've been super out of the loop other than my brother told me about this whole PSN problem and I've been playing a lot of black ops lately. So yeah, if you want to bring me up to speed/recommend some good recent games, that'd be cool.

I need some game recommendations

I'm going home for a week pretty soon as a sort of mid-semester break from school, which will be nice, and I thought it would be a good idea to play a game while I'm home. The only upcoming title that really interests me, I think, is the new Assassin's Creed game, but I won't be able to play that till winter break.

The obvious caveat is that it has to be something I can finish in a week during which I'll probably have plenty of other stuff going on as well. I'm thinking currently Super Metroid or Bioshock 1, or both. Any other ideas?

I'm at The College

Yeah, I'm at college now. Me oh my. Very overwhelming. Lots to do and so many new people.

I understand now why lots of people believe in God.

I've been talking to my parents too much via Skype. Probably not a good thing.

Game-wise, I played through Uncharted 2 for I think the third time very quickly before I left on Tuesday. Classes start Monday, I go home in five and a half weeks for fall break.

And that's pretty much it. Life update, I guess.

That new Zelda game looks pretty tight

Like, visually, I love that sort of balance between Twilight Depressing Princess and Windwaker (which I think in retrospect is probably my favorite Zelda game out there). It's fun to get excited for games again. Speaking of which, I want Metal Gear Solid Rising to hurry up and come out.

Speaking of Metal Gear Solid, I missed an opportunity to 'borrow indefinitely' a friend's PSP before he offed for the summer, and I really wish I hadn't (i.e. missed the opportunity). I really would like to play Peace Walker, mostly because I loved the crap out of MGS3 and Naked Snake and Big Boss and Russia and the whole 1960s gang. Oh well.

So I'm at the beach right now, not as part of beach week though, which is the result of my mother being a crazy ironic you-know-what and scheduling our beach vacation during beach week. I'm not getting smashed on the reg but I am reading a lot -- I hit the 400-page mark in Gravity's Rainbow last night.

Anyway, back at home Red Dead Redemption has got it going on. That game is seriously fun. I dressed up in the poncho and I look like Clint Eastwood.

What's this, it's my birthday? What's this, I feel like crap?

I turn legal today. And as seems sort of the tradition with me, every sort of celebratory event like this I come down with something. I have the nastiest sore throat ever.

In other news, Red Dead Redemption is freezing up like crazy to the point it's been unplayable for me lately. Which is obviously frustrating.

Graduation is Saturday, it'd be really nice not to feel like **** for that. Despite my popping numerous pills like crazy nothing seems to really be helping. If any of you have some secret miracle cures feel free to indulge me.

Red Dead Redemption

I bought it the other day and have been playing it pretty frantically. So far it's been nothing mind-blowing but it's pretty solid fun,a nd of course it doesn't hurt that I've always been pretty into the whole western genre. Anyway, random thoughts regarding the game:

-Marston's a pretty lame hero.

-Bonnie is one of the most annoying video game characters of all time.

-Randomly shooting people is tremendous fun. Oh boy.

-I was under the impression that guns back then were not terribly accurate. Marston doesn't seem to suffer from this issue.

I kind of want to play GTA IV after this now, because I'm really enjoying this whole mission-based open world concept and because the whole crime underworld thing really appeals to me, mostly just because I'm so enjoying The Sopranos right now.

And prom's tonight. Seriously not looking forward to it.

Assassin's Creed II review + Misgivings

I wrote a review. Please read it, thumb it up, comment how intelligent and thought-provoking it was, and make me feel good about myself. Thanks. In all seriousness: it's pretty much what I've been doing lately. And that title makes no sense, and I'm not going to try and justify it and make some tenuous claim about how it relates to the game, because I don't think it really does. But Wilco is pretty solid, so there's that.

Also, I'm having some misgivings about this whole reviewing thing, which is I guess a major reason why I wanted to get back into GameSpot. I always told myself et al. that reviewing was a fun way for me to 'practice' -- i.e. become a better writer until I have something to actually write. And now that I have some stuff I could actually be working on, I feel guilty about spending time on stuff that is, obviously, ultimately pretty futile/useless.

My PS3 cable broke a few weeks ago so I ordered a new one from Monoprice. When it comes (next few days, hopefully), I plan on picking up Red Dead Redemption. I debated between that and GTA IV and pretty much settled on the former, but if you've got some compelling reason that the latter is better, save for the fact that it's half the price of RDR, let me know.

I'm about 75 pages into Gravity's Rainbow. It's rough stuff.

Other than that, nothing's up. Waiting to graduate. The Sopranos is fantastic, Breaking Bad is good, I'm watching a ton of movies (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was trippy and awesome), and I went to a hilariously rich person's compound today. A friend from school had a graduation party and he lives way out in horse country and he had many many many square miles with probably a solid dozen houses and a twenty-horse stable and an inside training track or whatever you call it for horses and a go cart track and bowling alleys and a theater and an arcade and a monstrous library and at least three kitchens that I counted and a huge wine cellar and a racquetball court and multiple swimming pools and several boats/jetskis along the river and I'm sure tons of other crap that I didn't see. Wow.

School's semi-officially out

And Christ Jesus am I bored. Not for long, though, I hope, because here's what I've tentatively got on my plate for the summer:

- Books. Gravity's Rainbow and War and Peace are priorities. 2666 if I end up with some time in August.

- Italian. Actually. I'm getting this done.

- TA at my school's summer school. For first graders who can't read, or something, or something else. I don't know.

- There was definitely some other stuff but I forgot. Damn!

I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Fantastic movie. Right up there with my all-time favorite The Royal Tenenbaums. Speaking of movies, I've been watching a lot of them lately. Currently about to start American Psycho.

My friend bought a legal herb-smoking device today. It was hilarious. Hemp + hippies = WHAAA?!?!?!!

Working on prom plans. Oh boy, except not at all. Prom last year was uneventful and I'm going only because my parents are making me.

One final paper to write re Dostoyevsky, who by the way is fantastic but I guess you wouldn't need me to tell you that.

W/r/t video games: Miles Edgeworth Ace Investigations Attorneys Investigations Prosecutors Adventure or whatever is boring as hell. I can't believe I'm still playing this. Unfortunately, Super Mario Galaxy is not much better. Ah well.

I thought I had plenty of stuff to say for this blog but I guess not. Oh well?

Goings on during the past few months

- School is supposedly winding down, but unfortunately not so much for me. Only one week left but I've got a lot of crap to take care of.

- College worked out nicely. Early to Swarthmore College, apparently sort of a hellhole but also supposedly a good school. we'll see.

-I've been watching a lot of TV/movies. I've gotten into Breaking Bad, which is fantastic. Also been working my way, slowly but surely, through The Sopranos, which is pretty good thus far (late season two). And of course then there's Lost on tonight, which I think Im expecting to flop. I love Lost but it's also by far the most overrated television show on today and I have some serious problems with it. I'm excited nonetheless.

- I'm playing that Miles Edgeworth game right now. Pretty boring.

- Which is a nice segue into the fact that I've been pretty unexcited about games in general lately. I think the last game I really had fun with was Assassin's Creed II (which was fantastic, by the way). I'm currently playing through Super Mario Galaxy, mostly because of the good press the sequel has gotten lately. I regret my 10-review of Super Mario Galaxy, mostly just because it's not really that fun. Rewrite, maybe?

- And speaking of Super Mario Galaxy 2: so I've heard that both GameSpot and IGN have given it a ten, but I'm honestly more curious about what what Nintendo Power gave it. If anyone cares to enlighten me...

Other than that I'm pretty much engaging in typical second semester senior behavior. Good fun.

Serious reservations

I.e. I'm having them about posting a 'blog'.

I've been inconspicuously absent for a few months now I guess and there are a few things about GameSpot I miss. Specifically about four or five people here and writing reviews. I've been on the fence about this now for a few days and have caved. "You'll be back, I told you so"-ers, commence.

This comes more out of boredom than anything else, but again, there are things about GameSpot I've missed. That said, I tend to obsess over things easily, GameSpot included, and want to avoid that. So I'll be on occasionally, and I'll write some reviews occasionally.

I kind of expect this to be completely blown over because of either general indifference or else because of some sort of passive hostility to the idea that I can come back and expect people to remember me or whatever.