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Note on Bioshock Short Story

So it has come to my attention that after bringing my story from Word to here that the quotation marks for dialogue are no longer there.  But to follow all you need to know is that dialogue is the parts that are not indented. 

Sorry for this error, I was having a bunch of issues getting it to post due to exceeding the amount of characters per post that I didn't notice the lack of quotations.

As always, best of luck to all who entered, it's nice to see that writing is still in fashion.

**And upon further inspection it seems all apostrophes have also disappeared.  I tell you, there must be an unwritten law of all computer programs that formatting must never go smoothly.

The Plain Life - Part 2


We have been trying to have another child, and last year we thought our prayers would come true (please dont tell of this, the others, theyd let it slip).  But several months in she lost her, and reality began to set in.  This place, while lovely, is no different than home, our real home that is.  I shouldnt be talking like this; I only do during these late nights.

No, youre right.  But its not all bad, is it?

Not for us it isnt.  But do we deserve it?  I know Im used to living with money, but should we be judging others so harshly based on where they were born?  After all, many disapproved of us and look how the idea of us grew on them.

Oh your mother definitely wasnt our biggest supporter, and dont even get me started on your grandmother.  Did they really ever like me or was it just them being nice?

Come on now, they liked you plenty, after awhile.

I always knew theyd come around.  All we can do is our part here.  It may not sound like much, but we must try to stay neutral.  Surely theres somewhere for the likes of us to go to, we cant be the only ones thinking this.

Maybe our house will fall from the sky and well live to tell the tale.  Well be just like Dorothy.

**Bioshock: Infinite creative writing entry**

The Plain Life - Part 1


Clara, were going to be late, please do hurry.


            Claras my wife.  Weve been together for about, I mean definitely (dodged a bullet with her there) twelve years or if you like, since 1893.  She is the daughter of an Earl, which is why it was to my surprise she was so keen to the idea of marrying me.  We first met at the Worlds Fair.  I would be lying if I said I didnt miss the Fair.  See, I was in line for what they call a Ferris Wheel.  It is all very clever and completely relevant to how we met.  The wait was excruciating, and there was nothing much left to do but talk to those around me.  In front was a young couple already in conversation about the magnificent illuminations the night before, even if it were for that silly game they were playing.  So, I had to hope there was someone good behind me; if I were sitting I would have fallen out of my seat. 


Ill be there in a minute.  Its been four years and Im still trying to get used to this whole business without a maid around.


            Side note: our prior living accommodations may have been an estate in the English country side.


I think you can handle dressing yourself.  I did.


            Anyway, as you may have guessed, she was behind me.  Without going on too much about it, it turned out she came to America with her father, who was over at the Idaho Building.  We got to talking and eventually sat next to each as the Ferris Wheel ascended, and her maid was there the whole time, thankfully not causing any awkwardness.  Everyone though they wowed the world with the Eiffel Tower, but to reach these heights and see a whole world before us without moving.  A feeling of freedom came over us, and we sensed it in each other her dark, near black, brown hair captured the sun in a way only a spiders web can capture the morning dew that is something I no longer have to miss while being here.  From there I could go on about how we continued to meet the rest of the week or how her father took a surprising liking to me and my ambitious view of the ever-changing world, but for now all you need to know is it went swimmingly and here we are.


            Oh come on, where is she?


Alright, dont judge, you know Im not good at these formal things.  How do I look?


            Im not going to lie, I am what one would call a sarcastic person, which in this case and many like it is a problem.  I will tell the truth of course, but I always get the feeling nobody thinks Im sincere.


You look absolutely stunning.  No sarcasm included, promise.


Are you sure?  I couldnt decide if the necklace was too much, should I tone it down?


            Recently, as in a year ago, Clara has been, I dont know the word, not scared, but very self-conscious.  Honestly I dont know why.  Shes the prettiest of all the women on our side of town and she always enjoys a trip to the theatre, but before she would be out the door within minutes, now its not so easy.


Come here.  There, look right there.  What do you see?


I see a woman who has the most caring husband in the world and whats that, right there, oh that must be my rather stunning necklace.


Alright, did not expect that from looking out a window, but then we live on a cloud, so what does it mean?  To be expected?


Well do come along, well miss the beginning!  And are you really going to wear that bowtie?


            But I like my bowtie.



             Several hours later the show finished.  A real somber show.  Im often surprised with the things those composers come up with.  Even more surprised they were allowed to come up with it, in the midst of the rising turmoil.  Clara tries to ignore it, as do I really, but we both know it is coming.  At least shes of reputable European descent, she should be fine, and Im an American, Ill definitely be fine.  Did I mention my father owns a brewery here?  No?  Well, he does, makes good money and lives in the upper district.  If need be Im sure he could help us out.  Clara doesnt always find it agreeable that my father is here and hers not (nor any of her family for that matter) but we get on.  Speaking of new music, all is not new here.  I swear my father is simply mass producing Pabst Blue Ribbon, who would know?


What did you think of the musical dear?


            Sometimes I miss walking down candlelit roads at night, the faint buzzing of the lights can be a distraction, at least we still have cobblestone, and weve been getting some of those automatic carriages.


I think it is what we need these days.  It seems like we have gone so long without any sense of hope.  Its just.  If we are to believe they all made it to heaven, then why is it so sad up here?  After all, I think were more likely to see someone like that bloody innkeeper and his wife or the foreman than Valjean.


That may be true, but well get on, yeah?  Weve been on our own for four years now.  Im not ready to say the dream is gone.  Not yet.


Ive been seeing more of those posters lately.  You know the ones?  About joining the Vox Populi?


Yes.  You know Id rather not speak of it.  This city can be so much more.  Are we really to fall in a matter of years?


            As I turn the key to the front door, Im relieved to be home.  After living here since the beginning does anyone new come here, I should look into it I find it safe to call it home: the city and the house.  A dog would be nice, but we cant have dogs falling from the heavens, oh what a sight that would be.  It is nice to have electricity inside; flipping a switch is incredibly convenient especially when the switch in the living room is next to the couch.  Clara decided to go up to change before coming by the fire (warmth, an admitted disadvantage of the light bulb, though I hear the upper district has some sort of invisible heat system).


I do apologize for cutting you short on the way home.  Its just, if it comes to that then where do we go?


Your fathers well off, cant we stay with him?  Well have time to figure it out.  Were high enough for that.


            Shes right.  Were actually in a pretty good spot as it stands now.  Her family background helped a great deal, but up here they try to separate us all from life back then.  Its no big deal; we just arent living up in some fancy mansion.  Im used to a home similar to ours, and after a few months Clara warmed up to the place.


Hopefully hes high up enough.  He owns the only brewery here, and from the looks of some of the people leaving tonight it seems hes doing a good business.


Its a shame papa wasnt able to come along with us, he always loves an adventure.


I know.  Thats how we met.  He was very keen on the thought of this place back then.  I wonder what he thinks of it now.


I dont know what I think of it anymore either.


            Earlier, when I mentioned how Clara has not been the same for a while now, well I lied.  I do know why.  See, we made the decision to come here in order to start a new life so to speak.  The year before applications Clara was with child.  Everything went well during the course of the nine months.  But shortly after birth, our daughter grew very ill.  We brought her to the leading doctors, they tried all they could, but after just two months we were standing by her stone.  Naturally, Clara was beside herself, as was I, mind you.  You know when you at last have to say your final goodbyes to your dog, imagine that but imagine him being scared of you and biting you as you try to comfort him.  It doesnt make sense and as hard as you try to make reason of it you realize how it has no reason and it pains you more with each thought until you reach the point where you simply want to give up.  Children arent meant to die like that, without reason, nobody is.


            Shes right though.  Im not sure if coming here was the proper decision.  Yes, it was a new world; new beginning and all that, but anymore, I just dont know.


Well, how about this?  Tomorrow, we try to forget about it all and go for a day in the park.


I think Id like that.  Id like that very much actually.  Just like the old days.


            Just like the old days indeed, they made it very realistic you would be forgiven thinking youre back on solid ground.


Except, if we go, can we take the long way?  I know, I know, you dont see any point in it, but I cant bear to go the other way again.


            It is true, I never see the point in taking the longer way, though I suppose I understand her reasoning.  With the rising turmoil between the classes she simply wants to avoid any conflict.  I just hate going the long way.  The upper class like to make a literal display of their position, meaning we have to walk up a whole bunch of stairs to their level just to walk down an equal amount of stairs to get back to the park, which in itself is divided into several levels.  Looking at it now, I often wonder how we could have been so blind to what would become if it all.


Youre probably right, what with the way things are right now.  But it will pass Im sure.

I just dont understand it.  When we met there was so much chance for progress.  Sissieretta was loved by oh so many.  Of course there were those opposed to it, but even then, those years ago, there was a chance for change.  I just dont see the point in this new world up here if were to live just as we did then.



**Bioshock: Infinite creative writing entry**