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California To Ban Sale Of Videogames To Minors

Hello and Welcome to my blog. This glog is on a current issue that has been brought to my attention. It appears that California is trying to pass a law that would ban the sell of all videogames to minors. if you remember a law similar to this one was just brought up a few months back . why is this law different? the previous law want to make violent videogames illegal to sell to minors.What is different about this law? this law wants to make it illegal to not only put out the sale of violent game suck as grand theft auto but it appears anything might be fair game. It states that any vidoegame with the visual image of the death or bodily injury of a pixelated human like form should be illegal to sell to a child under the age of 18(17 in some cases) . why should you be concered then? what about the maddens or the nhl's? would it be illegal then to buy halo or call of duty? what about the ESRB did they cover that? YES they did! They want to dispose of the ESRB and have any game dipicting the injury or detath of a pixelated person or persons illegal by marking them with a red sticker on the front of the will this affect videogame sales? it could very well complicate the situation of selling vigeogames to customers. why? because a considerable fine is being discussed.nothing is final but a sum of almost $1,000 ia the current number being thrown around. so then with fear of being on the wrong side of the law and a very large fine against them would most retailers not then stop carrying a large number of todays videogames? And what about the Gaming Industry? This may cause a major blow for them if this law is taken into affect. why? Because they would in turn have to rethink what type of games they are making and how to get them across? does halo then become a game you wouldn't make because the lack of retail sales? What then of Online stores? What stops some very eager Gam Addict from Going online to purchase the game? I for one think these politicians need to stay on there side of the field and not come over to the other side trying to tell us how to do what we do best. When did it become common practice to continually fire at gamers and Game Companies? What do you think of this issue? please leave comments.

hey huys

game boy advance its my new life i no longer use a ps2 nor do i own any games for it or a system if i ever do any more reviews it will be on my game boy advance of the system and its games.

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Hey whats up just me here.Well latlely ive been kind of bored.Im trying to find some good 2D fighting Games.If anybody knows any please message me with the answer.I very seldom like a game enough to finish it.Only games i ever finished were as follows

Resident Evil 2

Def Jam Vendetta

Devil May Cry

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

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