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Top 10: Since I've been gone.

Well, I wanted to do this blog entry because, it's been more than a year since my last visit on this site. Many interesting things happened since I've been gone and I wanted to list them, see where this goes.

1. Obama - well I live in Canada so I didn't really follow this.

2. NY Giants Super Bowl - One of the finest moments that I will ever have.

3. Macbook Pro - Got myself a macbook pro. Can't live without it.

4. College - I hate it.

5. WoW - Someone please get me outta there. Please!

6. Rock Band 2 - Better than the first one I find..

7. The Dark Knight - It was really cool back then.. Now everyone is just... well you know what i mean. That Joker face is everywhere!

8. House - I started watching House during the Christmas break last year and I just fell in love with the show.

9. Failing and Dropping - Well.. no comment on that.

10. Stars - November of 2008, I found this band out of nowhere. They are the pop indie band from Montreal and gee, I just love their music. So beautiful yet dark. So bright yet depressing.

Anyway, those are the ten things that I can think of at the moment. If you want to add the interesting incidents from December 2007 to Feb. 2009, then feel free to comment on them.


Mixed Feelings

I have mixed feelings about this situation. I am happy to be back and all but, I just can't believe I decided to be back on Gamespot. It has been a while since my last blog entry and it's good to see that still many people are active.

Since my last visit, many things have changed. I am finally a fan of Apple and I just can't live without my apple products.

My New York Giants won the Super Bowl last year but we couldn't do it two straight seasons. This saddens me big time.

I still love Little Miss Sunshine.

I started playing WoW and have a lvl 71 Human Priest named Taye on Anubarak. I just love healing.

I love Rock Band 2.

and... I am... pretty much the same since my last visit on this site.

Anyway, good to know that you guys are still active and, can't wait to interact with you guys.

The guy who came up with the exam system, please report to my basement.

I hate exams. I hate studying for the exams, I hate writing for the exams, I hate everything about exams.

I have 5 exams next week and I can't wait to finish them. The thing is, if I don't care, I can just bull@#$% the whole thing but I do need to do great on this.

Man, I don't even know what to write for this. I'm not stressed but I just don't know how I can study for all these courses.

Anyway, it has been a while since I last posted the blog entry so I just wanted to... hmmm I guess I just wanted to share my situation with you guys. The time, 6:09 PM. Hate exams.....

I officially declare today as "Biology Day"

I think the title sums everything up. The exams are coming up and I really need to study for all my courses. I've been playing Rock Band the whole day today and I was really pissed off by the fact that I couldn't buy any songs. What is wrong with Xbox Live? Anyway, I will be studying for Biology pretty much all day and I can't be distracted.

I don't consider Gamespot as a distraction so you know I'll be checking here and there but it just hurts me to think that I won't be able to play Rock Band (well I think i'll be playing but not as much).

Right now, I just can't go to sleep so I'm just watching random shows online. It's quite funny actually.

Hmm what else is going on.. I came home for the weekend (wow I should've wrote this in the beginning) and I can't be happier. I had great lunch and supper and I watched tv and played video games.

I think that's it for me today guys. The time, 2:14 AM. Happy Biology Day everybody!

Missing lunch cannot be this pleasant

I haven't had any lunch this week and to be honest, I like it. I mean it's probably bad for me and I am planning to eat lunch tomorrow. I think the reason is I've been going to bed so late that I wake up at like 3 or 4 PM everyday.

Yesterday, I was playing a card game (I can't remember the name of game) with my floormates till 4 30 in the morning. After that, I couldn't go to sleep so I watched Arrested Development till 6 AM and I finally went to bed. What a life eh?

Anyway, today will be different for me since I am not going to do anything stupid like that (actually to think about it, it's not stupid at all). It's a great way to bond with my floormates, although there is only 2 weeks left. Anyway, it was a good night.

Right now, I'm watching this random show on Youtube while writing this blog. I should probably go down and eat lunch... I mean supper but the thing is once you miss the timing, it's hard to eat anymore. I don't feel like eating anything at the moment. Anyway, that's it from me. The time, 4:55 PM. GIVE ME FOOD OR GIVE ME FRIES!

April Fool's, Laundry and ... more Laundry

Let me just begin by saying, I killed someone.

Nah... I wouldn't do that, unless they steal my lucky orange, that's whole another story. Anyway, I would like to wish everyone a happy April Fool's and behave yourself guys.

Anyway, it was just a regular day for me. No one pulled a prank on me or anything so it's been.... somewhat boring as well. Speaking of boring stuff, I have to do my laundry.

Wow my blog entries get worse and worse every single time. Anyway sorry to say that's it from me today. The time, 6:12 PM. Hahahahahaha

I should just call myself, the greatest rock star in the world.

One of my dreams came true yesterday as my brother bought Rock Band (the whole set). I have Guitar Hero 3 but I never liked the idea of playing guitar. I went home for home just one day to play that game and I must say, I feel like I am a rock star.

My first thought, "Wow! I can create my own character!". I hated how Guitar Hero does not allow gamers to create their own characters. Anyway, I made my drummer (my brother accused me of being "sensitive" for making my drummer a girl. Does that even make sense?) and her name is Taye.

The first song I played was Creep by Radiohead and don't even ask me how I did. My brother (who played guitar) saved me twice and I ended up getting 69%. Playing drums was harder than I thought

As I played more songs, I got better and now I am at the point where I can get over 90% on medium.

Wow this turned out to one of my worst blog entries but man, I just can't think straight. Sorry if it's all over the place but you know what, I truly believe that Rock Band is one level higher than Guitar Hero 3 in few ways and just the fact that I can play drums, I shall never go back to Guitar Hero series again. The time, 4:32 PM. Rock on!

Blue Eyes Blue

I am currently listening to Blue Eyes Blue by Eric Clapton and I was thinking, will I ever date someone? Sounds so corny and I hate being corny. You know how I hate corny stuff? I was so depressed once while watching this corny movie that the depression lasted 2 months. It's sad I know but that kind of sums up how much I hate corny stuff.

Woo the song changed, guess what I am listening to right now, Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton. Gosh what is wrong with Eric Clapton and his music. It's really good and the lyrics just hit me from every possible way.

Anyway, back to my main point. I remember writing a blog entry about this a while ago and I guess I am back in that phase again. I want to meet a girl who I can truly love. Am I asking for too much? Maybe, maybe not.

Anyway, just another random post about my crazy mind. The time, 1:45 AM. I'm not even tired! ENERGY DRINK!!

GarageBand, Biology and Melancholy Weather.

Recently I've been trying to learn how to use the software called GarageBand. It's really hard to create a beat, maybe the fact that I don't have any talent but it's hard to make one with a mouse. ... This is all I can say about GarageBand. I guess it's a good program but I yet to realize how to use this.

On to the next topic, Biology. Biology always has been one course that pisses me off. I love Biology but it's so darn hard. ... Well this is all I have to say about Biology. Man this blog is turning into pointless garbage.

My last topic, weather. I love Melancholy weather and I am very happy today. I feel like I'm gaining power from this weather and all you know. ... I better start thinking what to write before I actually write the blog entry. The time, 5:24 PM. Adios people.

Someone is in a bad mood today.

This is so hilarious.

This is what I think is happening right now. Based on my instinct, my roommate is pissed at me. I don't know why but he is pissed at something for sure. Usually, we use earphones when we watch movies or tv shows. We use earphones for anything that requires sounds. But he is watching a tv show without his earphones. i think what he is trying to do is he is trying to get me pissed. The thing he doesn't know is that I don't get pissed that easily. I rather enjoy the loudness in the room so too bad for him.

To let you know again, I am just assuming here. Haha what a baby right? Well I still like him and he is one of my best college friends. Today is going to be a short blog entry because I am so tired. I've been so tried lately and I think I need to do some work starting tomorrow.

Anyway guys, the time 12:14 AM. Can't wait to play video games again.