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@Mr_Dave: What I meant by the mod creator having to check for compatibility / functionality was that if the game updates and the mod no longer works, it's in the mod creators responsibility / best interest to "fix it".

Of course it's in the end users responsibility to check system requirements and all that, no question about it, but it's not the end users task to fix the code or assets for a mod created by someone else.

I assume you actually had a usage license / copyright and were the copyright holder of the mods in question that you reported ?

Because if you are not, then your copyright violation report is merely a notice, a "hint" so to speak and it may be unter investigation depending on the license of the reported mod and other factors.

If these mods you had to report were yours, my condolences for having to deal with tr0lls, if the reported mods were not yours, understand that you are just one of many in a crowd, shouting around and your copyright violation report is of little value since you are not the actual copyright holder.

The "report" feature does not mean you are handled at priority 1.

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@aiat_gamer: I am pretty sure that publishers will enable this, it just depends on each publisher how they set the revenue share besides the about 25% cut that goes to Valve.

Some publishers may be so happy with the base product sales that they set the remaining 75% to go to the modder directly, we don't know yet, but one thing is for sure, as a modder even 25% revenue share is better than the current 0%, lucky donations through external sites only, system.

Valve takes a cut out of it because they have to provide the servers, bandwidth, storage, etc. so this is no surprise.

If you pay for a mod, this is you saying "thanks for the effort, random internet stranger, I like what you did", but if this mod ever breaks, you are entitled to nothing, just like now and in the past - it's a community mod by a random person and you simply showed your appreciation for it by sending some money their way to support them.

You can however ask that person to fix their mod so it's working again - If this is not for you, stick to free mods, which will still be available, just like they are now and have been before.

Over time, trustworthy modders will stand out and they will be worth supporting whereas you can ignore the money grabbing, zero effort scum.

It remains to be seen how Valve handles the tr0ll mods that already showed up for just under 100 USD and the quick cashgrabs that disappear into nothingness days after release, but that's what reviews and being a mindful customer are there for, besides there is a 24 hour "free" trial period on all paid mods anyways so if, after doing your research, you don't like it, return it and you don't pay for it.

Similar thinking approach to Early Access - If you don't want to fund a game while it's still in development, wait until it's done and the final release is available for purchase, Valve are simply offering their platform to allow for these kinds of things and some "black sheeps" aside, it's a success overall.

Not sure what made you think that I think I'd be entitled, but whatever you say, random internet stranger.

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How about instead of "find a way to pirate them" people would "buy it if they want it or skip it if they cannot afford it" ?

They would stay in the legal area and not promote piracy and I think Mr. Newman is an id1ot by directing people to piracy because that way everybody loses and I don't really care what he did when he was young, I paid for the things I own.

It may sound harsh but chances are that if you cannot afford to pay for a piece of entertainment software, chances are that you have more serious issues to deal with than buying a mod for a game for example.

It's still up to the mod creator to either set a price for the mod they created, offer it for free with the option of donations or to keep it completely free.

The headline for this article could've just as well read "Garry's Mod creator approves with piracy, says it's OK" because that's what it boils down to.

How would he feel if he wasn't sitting on the money he made but if people would've just pirated all the things he released - that's right, not such a good feeling on that side of the wall, is it, Mr. Newman ?

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Looks like lots of people don't understand what's being offered here and are going crazy over nothing again.

This new system simply means that modders can choose for themselves whether they want their mod, to which they've dedicated their time, to be free, donationware or paid content and publishers of mod-supported games can set the payout rates for paid mods.

I don't see where Valve would be "at fault for destroying modding", they're simply offering this as an alternative - mods can still be free, it's up to the mod developer to set the price and to the publisher to even enable paid mods / content in the first place.

The soon to be added "pay what you want" seems to be a good compromise - greedy "gimme pig" people can still get mods that follow that model for free and people willing to support the modder can send some money their way to show their appreciation. (it's just made easier now and doesn't require additional effort through external sites)

People also don't seem to understand that checking a mod for compatibility / functionality is in noones responsibility but the mod creators themselves, this has nothing to do with Steam support - it's community created content for a specific game, so if you have a problem with a mod, contact the mod creator, if the mod has been abandoned, so be it, perhaps someone else can "take over" development or creates a similar one themselves.

I am looking forward to this new system to support modders and think it'll pretty much self-regulate itself - scammers will be banned, modders get some financial support for their efforts, it's a win / win situation.

All I hope is that modders don't overdo it and keep their pricing reasonable, but that's up to them to judge the value of their mod and it's in my freedom to not buy it and let the mod creator know why with constructive feedback.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I feel the same, played all kinds of space genre games from about 20 years ago until today but this game looks boring and watching actual gameplay videos lulls me to sleep.

Besides, they cancelled the offline mode so it's basically online only / a MMO now for which I have zero interest to begin with for various reasons.

That said, I don't think you're missing anything, that's todays "AAA" gaming (online only, social integration, games as service, paywalls, microtransactions, ...), so if you're looking for another good space sim / game, put your money on indie developers or keep playing the good old games from the past instead like I do.

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Nice, so it should be in a -80% off sale in a year and I'll reevaluate it then to check whether it's worth picking it up when that time comes.

In its current state there's little to no content and basically nothing to do and it's not even playable offline - if it's still not playable offline in a year when it's on sale I'm not even going to bother checking if there's actual game content and keep ignoring it instead.

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Summary : Daughter becomes zombified, dad wants to save her, can't save her, relieves her - stretched to 1.5 hours, got it.

If I do end up watchinig it with my better half, it'll perhaps only be because of the performance of Arnold Schwarzenegger, we'll see.

Not sure about that "The Last of us vibe", I think Mr. Makuch simply picked any "famous" game as reference to keep it minimalistically gaming relevant and for some clickbait.

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I don't care too much about the graphics if the game itself plays well and has good mod support to extend the longevity and replay value (and no pay to win scheme or social media integration or always online drm, ...).

However, since I don't trust Atari to get it done in a consumer friendly way (also taking into account all their lawyer nonsense news over the past few weeks and their developers having their own "cloud services" platform), I am more looking forward to Parkitect (www themeparkitect com) instead, which is made by a 3-man indie developer team and shows to be more promising and is currently targeted for a late 2015 release for around 15 EUR.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> If by "disasters" you mean pumping the sewage water back into the drinking water cycle of your city or building a dam and floodinng your city, then yes, there are "disasters".

However things like earthquakes, volcanos, asteroids, tsunamis, twisters and so on are not in the game - perhaps sometime in the future but there has been no confirmation by the developers.

With a bit of tinkering it should be able to be released as a mod though.

Personally I don't care about disasters, but to each their own.

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Well, "best mods" can be argued with since that's dependent on personal taste.

How about :

- All 25 Areas purchaseable (steamcommunity com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=405810376)
- Chirpy Exterminator (steamcommunity com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=405791507)
- Dynamic Resolution (steamcommunity com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=406629464)
- Mod Achievement Enabler (steamcommunity com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=407055819)
- Extended Public Transport UI (steamcommunity com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=411164732)

Just 5 mods I consider very well worth it and more "essential" than a statue, reddit for chirpy or a collection of interchanges.