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So all those companies supporting that SOPA (whose name is misleading to what it actually is about), are afraid of competition. To keep it relevant, EA and other supporting game studios know most of their recent games are overpriced, shortlived "entertainment" pieces and want to control people even more and especially get rid of these "bad" honest reviews and first impressions videos by real gamers (I'm referring to YouTube videos for example) and even so more, want even less people to get a opinion and insight to how a game really is before they buy. Sure, if this SOPA stuff is being granted, there will be new sites on the net anonymously hosting these videos, but that's just absurd. Same as copy protection - People (PC gamers) would be happier without DRM, forced online mode, activation limits, and the like and would buy more games, but no, these "big companies" have to keep insisting on that crap and making it worse every year. When I think a second about it - All those people that currently get their "first impressions" of a game from a review or gameplay movies on YouTube will now also turn to piracy - Good job, supporters. (Actually, screw you)