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Merry X-BOX! add me :)

Had an amazing christmas! Here are the spoils!

  • Xbox 360 slim 250gb
  • 2 controllers (me and my bro)
  • Gears of war
  • Call of duty modern warfare 1
  • Halo 3
  • Left 4 dead 1

I thought that was all I got then my dad surprised me witI h:

  • Call of duty: black OPS!
  • Borderlands
  • Call of duty world at war (PS2)

I've been playing Black Ops like a maniac, I play most of the time split screen online with my brother. He's as addicted as me sadly. I played about 5 levels of gears of war with my brother. Played a little Halo 3, and have hardly touched borderlands. I have played probably an hour of left 4 dead. And I don't think I will pick up world at war for PS2 for a long time. Hope everybody had a wonderful christmas and if you want to add me my gamer tag is xBudSaw (add exactly as shown)

360 games, COMMENT!

As stated in a previous blog, I am getting an xbox 360 slim 250gb for christmas. But what is an xbox without games? My mom asked for a list of games I would want for it. I will probably get a lot of them used, also most of them are older games, old gems that I haven't gotten to play with the lack of not having a 360. You can tell that I love playing shooters on the 360 by looking at the list. :)

  • Call of duty: MW & MW2
  • Call of duty: WAW
  • Call of duty: Black Ops
  • Gears of war & Gears of war 2
  • Grand theft auto: IV
  • Halo: 3
  • Bioshock & Bioshock 2
  • Left 4 Dead & Left 4 Dead 2
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: oblivion
  • Army of two & Army of two: 40th day
  • Fable 2
  • Fallout: 3
  • Mass Effect

Ok just to get one thing straight, there is absolutely no way I will get all of these, probably will be lucky to get 4 games. I just want to be surprised, I told her she has to get at least one call of duty game though, heh one of the main reasons for me getting a 360. I am also really hoping for one of the gears of war games, a friend let me play at his house and I was hooked. So yep this christmas looks to be very exciting. The only 2 consoles I've ever owned are a nintendo 64 (GOOD TIMES) and a PS2 lots of fun... Thanks for reading please leave a comment. (haven't been getting many comments lately.) :P

FREE game Assult Cube.

Hey guys I am gaming on my laptop again. Check out Assault Cube!! It is a great free FPS, with very little hackers. I have seen 1 hacker in my first week of playing. The graphics are not modern, which isn't a bad thing since it runs with very high fps on just about any computer.

I got into the game from my brother, and I joined his clan. To me the funnest part is OSOK (one shot one kill)and a mode called LSS (last swiss standing) On OSOK every player starts out with 1HP and a sniper rife/knife, and everybody fights till there is one man standing. Knife kills give you 2 points instead of the one you would get with a snipe kill. Also a head shot is worth 2 points. In LSS you start out with a knife and no guns. You duke it out with the players but with a twist there are a few grenades scattered around, so its very fun.

Assault Cube is a very fast paced game, with a smaller community but you get to know everybody so it is a nice experience. You should try it. The download only took me 10 minutes and my internet is not the fastest. :)

Christmas List (Already?!)

I know it's way too early to be writing this blog but I am anxious! I will hopefully be getting a ps3 or xbox 360!!! I have been wanting this gen console for a while and been stick with a PS2. I am kind of thinking we will be getting a 360 because it is cheaper. Well anyway here is my christmas list! Oh and before anyone asks, there is no way I will get all of this stuff. (more like a wish list)

  • xbox 360 slim 250gb / ps3 160gb
  • Call of duty: black ops (ps3/360)
  • Call of duty: modern warfare 2 (ps3/360)
  • Halo 3 (360)
  • Halo reach (360)
  • Gears of war: 2 (360)
  • Fox racing jacket hoodie

As you can see I have a lot of shooters! I love playing shooters mainly fps on consoles, but tried gears of war 2 on a friends 360 and loved it! I am by any means spoiled. I have 2 other siblings and usually we get about $200-250 each in presents. My younger brother and I being the middle child are gonna combine and share the 360 and games. :D Another thing... All the games I listed have amazing multiplayer, we love playing as a team, online, and against each other! You folks have a great day!

Paranormal Activity 2 + Gran Turismo + accident

Been a LONG time since I've blogged on here! I really have not done much gaming besides my PSP. I bought Gran Turismo (psp) for $10!! I did not like it very much at first but I picked it up again and started gaining some 'skillz. If you have not played it, basically you just collect cars and go through some insane races to get it. I played it for 3 days and put it down for a week. Picked it up and finally picked a new track and am addicted.

I really love snow and dirt tracks, because I am good at drifting for some reason. Maybe because car damage is not reported. HA :P I also saw paranormal activity 2 this weekend with some friends, and was pretty disappointed. I did not see the first one but I saw commericals for paranormal activity 1 and it looked like a great movie. I think the movie would have been alright seeing it at my house but something about stupid 12 year old girls screaming at a reflection in the mirror grinds my gears. They screamed at every little part and I didn't jump at all. :(

Oh well it was a great weekend until today I heard about one of my friends got in a car accident... my friends older brother was driving visiting somewhere taking him back (5 hour drive 3am) and fell asleep. The car flipped on my friends side, and he is in the hospital now. He has a broken ankle, broken ribs, lungs have fluid on them, broken jaw, and bruises all over... :cry:

I don't believe in any religion but maybe if you do you can pray for him? Thanks..

On the horizon

Back to school on thursday (19th) I am kind of looking foreward to it and kinda not. I miss a lot of the girls, my friends, basketball, and socializing. But I am going to have to get way better marks this year if I ever hope to be accepted into a college... I goofed off last year and just made passing grades, but this year I want to change and make As and Bs! I am the "trouble maker" in school along with my friends... I don't know why we are always doing something wrong we just get bored of going along with society.

Ahem, now for my schedule (might be making some changes to it.)

Grade 10

  7. ENGLISH 10
  8. GYM

This year looks to be very tough, I hate and struggle with math and I have 2 in a row... I hate giving speeches and there slamming me in with oral communications. I play basketball with senior high team now so I am looking forward to having a longer basketball practice... lots of times the coach extendes to after school. One thing about me that's sort of odd is I am very smart but extremely lazy. I absolutely despise studying... I didn't study ONE time last year and passed every course with a C and up. I know, I know if I DO start studying imagine what my scores can be? This year I am really hoping to break that habit...


Right now I am mainly playing World of Warcraft for pc (got to level 80) YAY! Having fun with some online buddies just doing dungeons together getting "points" and what not. Also... I would like to thank one of my dear friends on world of warcraft who has actually PAYED for me! I know you thinking WTF? It's insanely kind and most people would never even think about it. But He bought me Wrath of the lich king out of his own pocket, and payed for 2 more months for me... :D

On my psp I have been playing Medal of Honor: Heroes which has started to grow on me. Theres just something about cooking a grenade and timing it right so you can hit that nazi in the face! :P

Well that's it for this blog! Hope you enjoyed it!

I'm back baby! Numero 100

Just got back, and I had a great time! I got a couple new mangas, and a name pc game!! Not to mention new clothes and shoes... Wait I am going to mention it but I'm not going to dig up pics for the shoes and clothes. But I got some pretty classy osirus skate shoes for $90 and of course I got back to school clothes.. But enough of that boring talk!

First up are the 2 mangas I bought at a hastings!

My brother suggested me Bakuman since I enjoyed the death note manga.Same author...I haven't read much of it yet, but the art looks good and I love the plot. I manga about writing manga! :D

Next: GTO vol 4

I've always loved the GTO anime, and just started reading the manga. I'd say the manga lives up the the anime! If you haven't watched the anime or read the manga, if your into that sort of thing.I'd advise you check it out! Defentaly one of my favorites! They had the GTO mangas on sale!

And that's it for the manga. The next game I got, I honestly bought on an impulse buy. I was looking for Oblivion but ran into the witcher and remembered lots of good reviews of it. I have played about half an hour into it.I had no problems with windows 7 64bit,Gameplay-wise my fps dips down a little in combat, but I think it's bearible. Hopefully it gets better.

Besides the above, I stayed at a hotelwith a nice pool,and went to an awesome waterpark! Slides were fun, the water was just right! They were having a belly flop contest. :P

As always thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! :)

#99 and vacation!

Yep! This is my 99th blog post. one more till the 100 milestone! Been playing lots of world of warcraft lately, almost level 80! I've also been playing elite beat agents for my ds which has proved to be a pretty entertaining game. I think I might give warcraft a break once I start school again... I really slacked last year and I need to get way better marks this year and actually do my homework. :( I will be getting my class sheet soon (8 periods) and I will post it here on gamespot. I know for sure I am taking two math classes (algebra b and geometry) and I am going to try to get my drivers permit before school starts.

Now, um vacation talk! My dad isn't doing anything with us, but my mom is taking us to a waterpark and a mall! Theres not a mall around where I live so that should be a treat. She is giving me $150 to spend on clothes and some new shoes, and I have $180 saved up that I will spend on whatever. I am not sure what exactly I am going to get but I am thinking some nice DC skate shoes and some aeropostale shirts, and some cheap pants... Not so good at shopping I will probally ask a girl there to help me out. :P

Thanks for reading! :D

Oblivon pc (YO)

I have been thinking about getting the elder scrolls 4 oblivion for my laptop. It's gone down to $20, so with costs I'm okay, but i am just praying to god that my laptop can run it. I have heard stories about people running them on netbooks so I think I should be okay, but when you think about it oblivion really isn't that old. It looks like my kind of game if I can run it! I have been itching for a good RPG experince. Anyone here have any experince playing oblivion on pc? What pc do you use and any problems? Thanks guys! PS: sorry for my recent short blogs but I haven't been having much time. :)

(graphics look sick for my standards)

xbox 360? Maybe

Me and my brother might split the cost for an xbox 360 but not sure if I want to go through with it. Since it will be the older one it won't have wireless internet in it so we won't be able to play online. :(

Not sure if there are enough single player games out there for it to be worth the money. I want to get oblivion, fallout 3, bioshock, gears of war, left 4 dead, final fantasy 13. I really am a fan of play online but wouldn't know how to wire it to my router. Also even if I did figure it out it's pretty far away from where my xbox would be and my mom said she doesn't want wire on the floor. :cry: