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the Wii

So I was able to finally get my hands on a Wii. My mom really wanted one after the neighbor kids got one last christmas. I've always been really iffy about the wii. I guess I'm being a graphics whore when that is the first thing I dislike about the wii.

but after getting one, and playing the heck out of the Wii Sports that comes with the system, my mind is changing. Its quite enjoyable, minus the 'Wii Arm' I'm getting a bit of.

Its really cool to be playing with my mom. I guess its a "bonding experience" Its really cool to see her enjoy something that I enjoy a lot.

Later this saturday, we are going to go shopping for peripherals. Which is somewhat frustrating. I spend 250 on a console but I still have to spend 100-200 on peripherals :x I mean, I did the same thing with my 360, but I guess with the Wii being touted as a "party/family game system" one would think it would come with 2 controllers.

Quantico, VA

So today I had my field trip for my Computer Forensics Course. We went to the CART Headquarters and FBI Training Center in Quantico, VA.

It was an absolutely fantastic experience. If I wasn't psyched for a job in the FBI, I now am moreso.

I woke up around 5 (i use 'woke up' loosely, because I don't think I got a wink of sleep) and got to my school's campus at about 6:30. We set out for the 3 1/2 hour drive at about 7. The drive was really great because it was nonstop conversation about anything and everything. I had hitched a ride with my teacher and he is no doubt, my idol :P

When we got there, we first toured the CART facility, which is an acronym for Computer Analysis and Response Team. We had a few presentations on what they do there at the facility, Then we took the tour of the "office" which is essentially a "geek-gasm" Each workstation was about 15 ft and was in a 'U' shape. Each station had about 4 computers and different hard drives, books, digital media, papers, toys and folders scattered about. Then we toured the server room, a very chilly place with thick... strands of fiber wire snaking about.

The group then stopped for a collective snake/souvenir break in the Training Facility; before moving on to Hogans Alley, which is about 3 mock, but fully functional city blocks used for training. They had everything from a drug store, hotel, car lot, movie theater and many others. There we learned that they use "real" firearms in the training. Actual 9mm handguns but instead of live ammo, the weapons fired paintball rounds. The adjunct professor/FBI Agent that got us the tour (did I mention that an actual FBI Agent helped teach my computer forensics course?) told us of his training in Hogans Alley.

After much strolling along as if lost in a small town, we made our way to the campus' new facilty known as the Titanic, A huge building many stories and probably a few football fields large. After snaking our way about, we had a really interesting presentation on document forensics. Piecing together burned or shredded documents, finding hidden messages (such as ones written in invisible ink, read urine) in or on documents. Again, extremely interesting stuff.

We then doubled back through the nearly vacant Training facility and took the grand tour. We actually got to watch a class going on about close quarters combat ("CQ...C? for those who get the reference8):P) and that was essentially the last of it.

Again, a very interesting ride back that was mostly plagued by talk of food, obviously so... we hadn't eaten in about 6 hours, after lots, and lots, and lots of walking.

Overall a great field trip and something I will remember forever. Now... if only I could go there for actual training :o


So today Ubuntu 8.04 Distro was released. So I downloaded and installed it. And so far, Its pretty sweet 8)

I was having some driver issues, but after some fidgeting, I got my wireless card working and enabled the sweet effects :D

I'm really enjoying it. Fast to boot, more or less easy to operate.

Right now I'm using Wine, a sort of windows emulator to download and install WoW. Muhahahaha :twisted:

Everyone else, enjoy your slow bothersome OS 8)

Grand Opening

So Today we had our Grand Opening at the new best buy I work at. :D I work for the geek squad if you didn't already know 8)

Last night we had our "members only" night, in which the reward zone people were able to get in. This morning we had our "soft opening" and then we closed for a few hours, and then had our "Grand openings" I feel like my store is a hooker >___>

The past 3 weeks have been absolutely crazy. The first week we had our general training on how best buy works, and store stocking (boy, was that boring:| ).

I've crammed all this information about how stuff goes down at geek squad, best buy, and all the other departments I frequent, into my brain. But I'm really confident in my abilities. I'm a good learner.

But after all, I've learned and retained a lot and I'm pretty sure I'll be moving up the managment ladder :o because both my managers are looking to move up, and there's going to be an open spot that needs to be filled :twisted: i think I'm going to be a shoe in, seeing as I'm essentially handling 2 - 3 roles at the same time :P

So that's the past 3 weeks in a nutshell. Lots of fun stuff happening, etc.

P.S. apparently I got "tagged" to do something... not sure what though >___>

Seven Letters that could earn you Seven Years (an essay)

The DMCA and DRM are both short acronyms that can have a huge impact upon a person's life if they aren't careful. The DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This is a document that forms a basic, but fundamentally flawed, outline of how digital media can be accessed, copied, protected and pirated. DRM is the acronym for Digital Rights Management. DRM can be software-side or hardware-side protections on specific types of media.

The DMCA was signed into law October 28, 1998. It incorporated six international intellectual protection ides into one (flawed) document. These include, Two WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) treaties, the Copyright and Performances and Phonogram treaties; Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act; Computer Maintenance Competition Assurance Act; miscellaneous provisions newly introduced into the document; And the Vessel Hull Design Protection Act(all of this information was pulled from the PDF of the document). I'll not go into these too deeply, but, like in many cases, its a group of ideas that look good on paper but are terribly executed.

If one googles "Problems with DMCA" they get a whole host of hits. One in particular is quite good. In an article written by Tim Lee, he outlines many flaws that come with the DMCA. One glaring flaw is that "The DMCA errs because it focuses on a technological means-—circumvention—-rather than a criminal end—-piracy." (Anderson) This is a very important argument, because the DMCA imposes limitations upon a user's rights to express Fair Use (defined later in this paper).

"But the DMCA's anti-circumvention clause does not take into account anything but a person's actions. If you break the encryption on a DVD, you have committed a crime. It doesn't matter if you are exercising your fair use rights to backup the disc, it does not matter if you are trying to make a disc from Britain play in your machine, and it does not matter if you simply want to remove the non-skippable commercials. If you crack the CSS encryption, a crime has been committed."(Anderson)

The limitations put on Fair Use by the DMCA is almost criminal. But if the DMCA were to be repealed, would that necessarily create a state of "intellectual property anarchy[?] Prior to the DMCA's enactment, the courts had already been developing a body of law that strikes a sensible balance between innovation and the protection of intellectual property."(Anderson) This obviously begs the question, why have the DMCA in the first place?

Another important factor in the dance between fair use and intellectual property protection, is DRM. DRM essentially locks up your media, your programs, your CD's your DVD's. And once again, it takes steps to intrude upon your Fair Use Rights. One thing that DRM encroaches upon, which I find to be one of the most important things about the Internet, anonymity. DRM allows for music players or any other type of program to access a central database and essentially profile you so that on the surface, companies can force their product which suits your taste down your throat. But at the same time, companies could essentially gouge customers for prices depending on their liking. DRM is, in my eyes, the bane of a free market. DRM can (and in many cases does) limit what a user can use to view specific media.

So what's all this Fair Use that I keep speaking of. It is essentially a user's rights to, within certain boundaries, express certain rights reserved for copyright holders. There are four important factors in determining whether an action is protected by Fair Use. I'll not go into these, but they are actually quite extensive rights that you have over your own media.

With the advent of DRM and the DMCA, Fair Use rights are slowly being taken away; Primarily in the name of protecting a company's profit. And, in protecting a company's profit, it takes away from a community's rights of Innovation, Fair Use, and most of all Choice.


Anderson, Nate. "Cato Institute outlines problems with the DMCA." From The News Desk 22 march 2006 04 march 2008 .

Hunt over

So, I had applied at a new Best Buy opening up in my area. Originally I had applied for either sales, or cashier.

Then, early last week, I had gotten a call about setting up an interview. We had talked a bit over the phone, and finally set up a time.

That was yesterday. During the interview I told the General Manager that I was pretty good with computers. He invariably brought up the Geek Squad. I had assumed that I was underqualified for the position. But I agreed to take the Competency Quiz. It was a pretty simple, Jeoparody style Q and A. I apparently did really well (with a score of 530 8)) So almost instantly, before I knew it, I was set up on an interview with the Geek Squad Lead, for an interview.

That was today. It went really well, he was a pretty cool guy and we really hit it off. When we originally met, he told me that for his entrance test, he had only scored about a 200, he was pretty impressed. And after about 20 minutes of questioning, I was offered the job as a part time Geek Squad Agent :D

So now, my quest for a job is over. After fruitlessly applying for numerous cashier and sales jobs, I end up in a job that I will undoubtedly love, and learn a lot from.

On the hunt

So today, my boss fired me. But I'm not mad, I actually wanted to quit a while ago, but I stuck with it. So I shall begin my mad hunt for work this week starting tomorrow morning.

I'm not really mad, not even really suprised either. I guess its another thing I have to deal with *shrugs*

Wish me luck on my job hunt this week. Hopefully I can land a sweet gig somewhere.

Random blog #234159

So my dad has been out to japan for 2 (2/108) weeks now. He does pretty well keeping in touch via e-mail and calling. Its just kinda depressing not having him around.

I feel absolutely terrible for my mom, because my dad had left; and last week, we found that our dog, buddy, had Lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes).

And saturday, we had to put him to sleep :( He wouldn't eat anything, He had a hard time breathing (because his lymph nodes were swollen) and he was extremely lethargic.


R.I.P Buddy, may you have all the milkbones your stomach can handle in heaven :D

So I recently went on an album buying spree. I picked up:

The Mantle by Agalloch

Ashes Against The Grain by Agalloch

Float by Channel 23

Music I'll check out

You've failed me. I'll forgive you this once; but don't mistake my kindness for weakness :x

Just kidding :P So after mad clicking of "related videos" on Youtube of a few bands I've wanted to check out, here's what I came up with...

My "List of Bands To Check Out"

[spoiler] Ensiferum
Godspeed You! Black Emperor (love the ambient stuff they do)
Rise Against
Sigur Ros
Streetlight Manifesto
Thom Yorke
Amon Amarth
Diablo Swing Orchestra
Explosions In The Sky
Electric Wizard
Agalloch (I'm probably going to pick up an album by them later this week, they're fantastic)
King Crimson
Mahavishnu Orchestra
Orphaned Land
The Arcade Fire
Ben Folds Five
Stanley Clarke
Lupe Fiasco
devin tonwsend
bucket head
dark suns
in the woods
Whispering Gallery [/spoiler]

I've found that I'm quite picky when it comes to what I like. I tend to like more slower stuff, heavily downtuned guitars, and clean harsh vocals (I know it sounds like a contradiction, but stick with me) I tend to dislike a lot of Power Metal and Death metal (the super heavy stuff like cannibal corps) Doom metal is quickly becoming one of my favorite genres of metal 8) So is 70's Prog Rock (as you could tell by Camel and the Mahavishnu Orchestra (now the hard part, trying to find albums by them))

I'm also starting to appreciate rap/hip-hop a bit more, but I still dislike the 'gangsta' stuff.

If you have any reccommendations along the lines of the stuff listed above, please add it. And if you're listening to any stuff for the first time, and like it, feel free to post that too :D

Now if you'll excuse me, I have an essay to finish.

ATTENTION(cruise control)

I need music recommendations. I don't care if its metal, cIassical, hip hop, jazz or tribal(0_o). My only limitations are country and techno (though I'm flexible here too ;))

My zune is looking quite lonely. I expect over 200 recommendations before the end of this week (jan 26)

So get hopping friends.