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Get rid of minimum wage or bring it down to like $4/ hour. Then at the same time scrap patent laws, intellectual property rights, trademarks etc. The increased competition in all industries will create a labor shortage and raise wages for all.

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@r-gamer: the economy was doing great under Obama. He even projected the budget would be balanced by this year. A fairly responsible way to run the government. Trump is a con man snake, he's running $1 trillion dollars plus deficits and putting the Obama economy in over drive. With 1 trillion dollars deficits in good times, any monkey with half a brain can have a great economy. This moron is playing with fire. What will happen when there's a recession again? The next Democrat elected to clean up the mess will have to run $2 trillion deficits.

The US empire is collapsing from within and morons like Trump just speed things up.

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@burntbyhellfire: I'm serious about everything. Pollution has a fixed cost, and the government should ram that cost down your throat if it has to. Every other country already has some form of carbon tax and I'd say half of the US does as well at the state level.

Spending is an issue, the biggest one being the military. The budget was $720 billion this year, a new all time record.

Also taxes exist for a reason. To fund many of the things the country needs to function. If you don't understand that, go live in a jungle and see how that works out for you. On top of that, taxes wouldn't need to be so high if the government got rid of the patent system once and for all. End patents, intellectual property rights, contract laws, trademarks etc and you can bring down the tax rate to less than 5% for all I care. You can't have these regulations and then ask for tax cuts at the same time. It's massive level of welfare for the rich and the ones getting screwed are the middle class.

Bring back the real free market or jack up the taxes on the rich up to 80% or more.

I would strongly prefer the first option. Th rich would prefer the second, I can promise you that. They love the welfare.

So bottom.line, yes those tax cuts are give aways and handouts. It is a giant scam and everyone should be outraged at the deficit being so high. Pathetic.

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@Vaasman: there's 8 billion people on this planet and growing. Humans aren't so special. In fact Id call them viruses or cockroaches. Right now the most important thing is the environmental issues, and anything that gets in the way of that should be put down, including the illegals.

You know what's funny. I was watching a TV show on border protections and one illegal said he knows what he is doing is wrong and that the US has a right to protect it's borders. He claimed that if he were an American, he would want to shut out the illegals also. Then he went on to say that he would still illegally immigrate though. He's a truthful person and his thoughts highlight the issues. The US should step up and help the South American countries by ending the war on drugs and just regulating it instead. Doing that would not change the amount of drugs being abused one way or another but it will cripple the cartels and make life better for south Americans.

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@burntbyhellfire: who do you think? The right of course. Giving away $1 trillion in free money even with the economy doing great. These scam artist Republicans don't know what the hell they are doing. Imagine what will happen when a recession hits...I guess by then it will be time for Dems to be in charge and more big spending to get us out. Of course they will take the blame for fixing the economy and the repubs will be back in power next term with more give aways and tanking the economy. Cycle repeats. The country desperately needs a third party. The nonsense from a 2 party system is plain to see.

I'd like to see a party that is strong on immigration enforcement, deregulation of the market patents bullshit, yearly budget balances of exactly 0 and strong environmental policies(carbon tax). In fact a party that guarantees yearly surplus unless in a recession and that is spent on decreasing the debt would be preferable.

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@Nuck81: I guess now we know why the economy is at 3.8% unemployment. When you have free $1 trillion dollars in giveaways even a monkey can have a great economy. On the economic front, Obama was doing a much better job. All Trump had to do was to follow the plan set in place and the budget would have been balanced this year. What a moron.

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@Vaasman: it's implied, you don't need to be a genius to figure that out. AOC and Illhad Omar's wet dreams are for Somalia and Venezuela to unite with America. I like a lot of proposals by AOC and Omar when it comes to environmental issues but on the immigration front, they are dead wrong. There are tons of issues that need to be fixed before uncontrolled immigration is allowed. Firstly environmental regulations need to be upped so that the disastrous plastic waste are cut down significantly. Second, carbon emissions need to be controlled. Imagine importing 300 million south Americans, and they all end up buying pickup trucks once they come to America, and eating plastic encased McDonald's for breakfast lunch and dinner. I'm sure that's the wet dream of GM, Ford, Chrysler, McDonald's and the coronnary heart specialists but for the world it's a disaster. What happens to the roads? The hospitals, the police and other essential services?

The only politician on the left who isn't as crazy about immigration is probably Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Both are far more practical but the base on the left are crazy.

Okay, I will accept uncontrolled immigration on a few conditions. 1) dismantle the patents, intellectual property, the trademarks system so that free market competition is a real thing again. Right now the corporations and government plus courts have gotten together to **** over the middle class and poor. Imagine importing 300 million new workers into the labor pool and the disastrous anti free market regulations already in place. What would happen is simple to see, massive income inequality and everyone in the middle class being pulled down. First fix the intellectual property bullshit laws and we can talk about uncontrolled immigration. Secondly the environmental aspect I was talking about. Fix these two things and we can bring in illegals.

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The cons are a party of contradictions. It's enough to make their own heads explode at some times

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On one hand, the illegal immigration problem is just US foreign policy coming to roost. The war on drugs (failed), and regime changes have unintended consequences. Thank Regan and his shit regime for that. He probably did more to boost illegal immigration than any other president in US history, that's how awful he was.

On the other hand, uncontrolled immigration like what some of those on the left want isn't such a great idea, not unless someone can prove otherwise. We have huge environmental issues that need cleaning up. Imagine letting in hundreds of millions of South Americans into the country for free. It would become a hell hole disaster.

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It was dumb of him to say it but I agree with why he said it. Those on the left should not be anti border walls and screaming racism at the smallest things happening at the border. It's annoying AF, and these stupid leftist politicians who while they may be born in America, they have a twisted agenda which is very much anti American and pro illegal immigration. Trump should execute any and all powers he has to secure the border at any cost. Immigration is about the only thing I agree with the right on. I also think the reasons for this massive illegal immigration is crippling poverty caused by American interference, puppet regimes and most of all the failed war on drugs. Regulation plus legalization and education of drugs would have saved us all from this complete disaster and utter failure of a policy, that has done only one thing and that is to fatten the wallets of dispicable cartels and their shthole leaders, aka Pablo.

Alot of this illegal immigration is because of that dumb fuk known as Regan and his war on drugs. The 2nd worst president in US history, worse than trump but not as bad as Bush jr

Bottom line though, if these women politicians are so pro illegal immigration, then they are rat traitors and should go back to shthole countries they came from. I guarantee them that most likely their parents never had it anywhere near as good. Those African immigrants, the Latinos, the carribeans, etc would never have the sack to act the way they are here in their parents home country. If they were, Darwin's laws would have made short work of them.