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Summer blog adventure time fun?

Hello, gamespot. I use to be quite a regular around these here parts. Starting to think I might blog a little, again. Not much, but a little. Maybe for an occiasional rant here or there I can't really rant anywhere else cause everyone knows me, personally. I guess I'm trying to say this is more personal blog, but it's not gonna consist of 'hey, woke up. Ate some good eggs, & then proceeded to wiping my ass after pooping!' Nah, that's stupid. Also it won't consist of what my blog use to be (to those that may vaguely remember) where I talk parts of my lifes, scene by scene. Just want it for a place where I voice some real things that I feel everyone would either relate to, get a kick out of, and even comment on their own similar expereinces. I'm not quite sure yet. I may be talking out my gluttious maximus and I might even forgot I wrote this and go ghost again for a few years. We'll see.

later gamespot.


So I deleted my blogspot but decided to make a new one at wordpress.

Should I try and build up that blog and try to make it popular. Or should I make this gamespot blog, my main blog even though I dont like the title "blazinpuertoroc" anymore.

What do you guys think?

New Blog!

Check it out, comment, follow, etc.

Now dont worry, I'll still be using this blog. Though some may be exclusive to my blogspot(films, comics) one and some maybe more exclusive to my gamespot(personal life, epic things) one. Also some will be mutiplat(gaming).

My blog website will eventually just be, but I'm going to see how well I can keep it up before I purchase the domain name and what not.

Anyone else have a blogger where we can mutally follow each other?