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Final Fantasy Best Games Ever

Final Fantasy games are amazing to millions of fans all over the world, since I was a little kid my very first Final Fantasy games was FF7 this game blew me away with great designs of cut scenes and the gameplay was perfect. My three favorite action moves were magic, summons, and burst limits where everyone could do there own techniques skills with style making their power increase from each attack. 7 thru 9 were the same, but the only difference was the tech skills which separated all the characters from one another. Once Final Fantasy 10 came out there was a new addition put into the system called the grid sphere where the characters would learn new skills and boost their powers, plus as you finish your side of the sphere you'll also be to gain skills and ability's from others as well on your team. FF 12 was a bit hard for me to grasp since the battle system was changed into Active Time Battle made completely new, but every concept in the game is new towards the fans with a better system upgrade called the license system enabling you to build up on equipment, items, summons and your burst limit now called quickenings giving you a chance to do powerful hits by yourself or alongside your teammates putting together a mist chain that combines if successful awakens a move called concurrence as a final hit making the damage massive towards the enemy or the boss. Final Fantasy XIII became the next new rpg for the series with a better gameplay system called Command Synergy Battle with a update system called the Paradigm Shift designed to give the character a role to use for battle which are Commando, Ravager, Medic, Saboteur, Synergist, and Sentinel evolving the battle and how you beat the enemy targets with chain attacks, while the summons are used for two forms normal mode and vehicle mode to destroy tough monsters and bosses. The last improvement is the new grid called the Crystarium to level up the paradigm roles until you've mastered the entire role or you can change to another role and finish learning the other one later. The last best thing about the Final Fantasy series is the wonderful designed world that is truly created by the makers of Final Fantasy. The next FF games I want to play is Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Type 0.

Tales series

From the moment when I played tales of symphonia, my mind was racing with excitement and happiness. This game became my most favorite game of all time, that was already reached to many others who became fans of the game just like me and in due time it started to become a series which made the whole world very perfect.

New and Old games?

What I've learned from playing new and old games is that no matter how you play you will always have fun with the old times and the new times.