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Where are you?

It has been about one month since I returned to GameSpot... and after some posting both in the forums and in blogs for the first few days... I realised I completely forgot about a lot of people... (Sorry really :() Add that to a lot of regulars (when I was still around in the beginning of the year) having disappeared and a lot of new users... > > Well... on the bright side, in 1 month I've managed to remember everyone again :) (although unfortunately that includes some people whose blogs I won't be commenting in as... well you know my policy > >) And say... a lot of people have changed, some for the better, some unfortunately for the other way round... I'm guessing most of these changes are due to changes in people's individual lives - again some are doing better than others. Then I'm also reminded of the few UCBs and external forums I'm members of... quite a few of which I was/am a moderator... and I really find it well... awkward > > Awkward in the sense I haven't posted in these boards for months... and for those in which I hold positions... it's like I don't deserve it > > If you get what I mean... In any case... I apologise for the inconvenience and trouble caused... And... one last thing. I noted a lot of regular blog commenters disappeared entirely... regular as in... not for my blog... but for others' as well. Sure, some of them have left GameSpot... but quite a few still post... so I'm wondering... Where are you?